Friday, 7 June 2013


This time last week, my Ciate colourfoil manicure arrived in the post. This Ciate 'Wow Kit' is one of many that Ciate do. The kit comes with a base colour, three sheets each of four different colour foil, glue, and a manicure wheel for you to practice on. I thought that was really good value for money, at £18.

I started with the base coat 'pepperminty', which in itself, is a really nice fresh colour for summer.

After a couple of layers, I was ready for foiling! I practiced on the wheel first to get the right technique. You randomly dab the glue and wait a couple of minutes for it to go tacky, and then place the foil shiny side up, rub and whip of really quickly. I used the 'waxing strip' technique. After that, I kept on layering...

After gold I used blue

then red

and finally silver. I also did another layer of blue as I thought it was the most striking of the colours.

And Voila!

At the beginning, I was being quite careful, but after half an hour I was being quite rough with it and found that worked better! Altogether it took me about 1 hour to do all fingers in four foils. Personally, I thought it looked better with fewer colours, and I will probably use the 'less is more' approach in future. Its a really effortless look that looks really interesting. It also lasts really well! I've had my foil manicure on for a week now and haven't had any trouble. When using some heavy duty cleaning products some of the foil wiped of but otherwise its all in tact. When using the foils, I went right up to the edges of the sheets so still have loads of foil left over. A very good investment and interesting kit from Ciate. 

If you want to explore Ciate a bit more, Marie Claire magazine are giving away a free Ciate caviar kit worth £10 this month!

The gift is a mini of 'shooting stars' and 'cookies and cream'. 'Shooting stars' is a really pretty colour without the caviar on top, but the gold and silver balls really top it off.

My friend Jess has just used the caviar as an accent nail and it looks really effective!

Go and grab your copy of Marie Claire while stocks last! And keep your eyes peeled for more posts on Ciate, because this certainly not the last time I will be talking about it!