Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Bleach London White Toner

I took a picture on my Instagram a while ago of some Bleach London products I purchased form Boots a few weeks ago. My hair has been through hell and back since I dyed it dark brown last winter. Earlier this year, I stripped it in order to go back to my natural blonde self, which made it go very brassy, and I still find the brassiness still shines through quite prominently. I have used toners on my hair before to help this problem, and I thought the white toner would make my hair more platinum for winter!

 The kit contains everything you need including the colourant, gloves for protection and a hair mask to help hydrate your hair after colouring.

The toner goes into wet shampooed hair, and needs to be left on for about 15-20 mins. Once you've washed it out you leave the mask on for about 10 mins.

The mask made my hair feel amazing afterwards. My hair was touchably smooth and it made my hair a lot more manageable.

The colour itself brightened up the colour of my hair, but I think I will repeat the process again soon to get the really white blonde colour I want. As a semi permanent colour, this is a really good way to test colours before fully committing to something more permanent like bleach.

Here are the before and after shots, excuse my face in the first one, I'd just woken up.



The brassiness has definitely died down, and people have commented on how my hair looks lighter. I really want to try some cool stuff on my hair in the new year and I think Bleach London will be the way forward!