Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Bleach London White Toner

As a blonde, one of life's long struggles is balancing the brassiness that sometimes comes with bleaching your hair. I usually get highlights in my hair, but this can sometimes veer towards looking a little golden when it goes a while without being coloured. I have used toners on my hair before to help brighten my colour, but I thought the Bleach London White Toner, £8, Boots would make my hair more icy blonde.

 The kit contains everything you need including the colourant, gloves for protection and a hair mask to help hydrate your hair after colouring.

The toner goes into shampooed towel dried hair, so once you have done this, you can mix up the solution. The instructions are really straight forward, and you mix the colourant into the developing solution and shake until mixed. You then section out the hair and add the solution to the root of the hair, and then run through the ends. I find the long nozzle on the applicator really helpful for dividing even sections of hair to apply the toner.

I have used this kit before when I had really long hair and found I needed two kits to do all over my hair, especially as my hair is really thick and I have a lot of it. Now I have bob length hair, I found one kit was perfect, and I had plenty left over to really run through the lengths of my hair to make sure the solution went all over.

Once you're happy with the application, this needs to be left on for about 15-20 mins.
Once you've washed it out you leave the mini Reincarnation Mask included in the kit for about 10 mins.

The mask made my hair feel amazing afterwards. My hair was silky smooth and it made my hair a lot more manageable. You can buy the Reincarnation Mask, £6, separately and if you colour your hair regularly I would highly recommend this as it really helps the condition of your hair and also smells really lovely.

The toner itself brightened up the colour of my hair, and as a semi permanent colour, this is a really good way to test colours before fully committing to something more permanent like bleach.

Here are the before and after shots, excuse my face in the first one, I'd just woken up.


The brassiness definitely died down, and people commented on how my hair looked much lighter. I really want to try some cool stuff on my hair and Bleach London provide semi-permanent hair colours and other toners that add different hues to your hair such as grey or lavender as well as shampoos and conditioners that can slowly add a light wash of colour over time, so it is a great brand to try if you're looking to experiment with colour.

Bleach London was started by Alex Brownsell and Sam Teasdale, and first started out as a single chair in Wah Nails Dalston in 2010. As you may know, I am a huge fan of Wah Nails and remember hearing the murmuring of Bleach London in the Wah Nails nail art books, and how they focussed on extreme colour rather than cutting hair.

In 2013 they launched their home hair dye range, just as pastel hair colour was the peak hair trend, and they become an overnight success. In 2017 they relaunched the collection which is why the packaging may look a different to how you remember, and now they have also brought on board Sam's twin sister, makeup artist Lou Teasdale to create a new makeup range which I look forward to trying!