Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Papaw Ointment

When I went on my travels, I wanted to make sure I kept up blogging by trying different beauty products from around the world. From shampoos made from plants, to moisturisers made from coco beans, I still hadn't found the product that I would want to import and use for the rest of time. That is until now.

Australia being a very western country has a plethora of beauty products. I wish I could have tried more but my backpacker budget didn't allow me too! One affordable item I could purchase was this Lucas Papaw ointment. This $6 cult product that all Aussies have in their handbag, is this little multipurpose wonder balm.

Made from papaya extract, this natural balm is great for everything, and I have used it for a multitude of issues.
Number one mainly being for cracked lips. I always find muti purpose items like this are a great alternative to lip balm. This one isn't tacky and doesn't really taste of much which means it stays on for a long time! I can put it on before bed and still feel it on there by morning time.

Secondly, it is great for any little cuts. Although I think its meant to be pronounced pa-paw, my boyfriend and I have lovingly called it 'paw paw which is great for sore sores'. That's a bit gross and cutesy sorry.
But in all seriousness, this balm keeps moisture and bacteria out, and allows any wound to dry up and heal itself.

And one thing that I think papaw really excelled at curing? Bites!
One thing that you never see on the #wonderlust instagram posts is bright red bites all over your body which are sadly a hard reality of travelling. Not only have I been bitten by mosquitos, I had the horrible experience of being bitten by bed buds in one particular hostel (not at all glamorous!)
I went to the shops to buy a multitude of anti itch creams to sooth my crazily itchy bed bug bites, however the thing that worked best was my paw paw! hurrah!

I understand that we have Pawpaw in the UK now which is great, although I would fly to Aus again for more of this miracle cream!