Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Bleach London Rose Colour

Before I went to Glastonbury, I posted a picture of myself on Instagram with my attempted pink hair. Unfortunately it didn't go as pastel pink as I wanted but that shouldn't be the reason I don't review the product! Although it didn't work how I wanted, I'll explain why I don't think it did and how I will try and make it work in the future, as I am not going to give up on the pink hair quest!

So the product I used was the Bleach London rose hair colour which is a semi permanent dye.
As my hair is naturally blonde, it said I wouldn't need to bleach my hair, but I used the bleach London White toner beforehand to make sure my hair was as blonde as it could be. I have done a full review of the toner before so click the link below to read that.

Once the toner was washed out, I applied the colour to my hair in strands. It says to leave the colour on for 10 to 15 minutes. The actual formula is thick and creamy and is easy to apply. Because of it's creaminess, it feels quite moisturising on the hair.

After washing it out, this was the final result.

As you can see by my face I wasn't completely satisfied with my hair.
A favourite blogger of mine called melon lady recently did a video on this very product, and described her hair as more of a hue rather than a pastel, and I think mine came out similar.
(The link to her video is here) I am a bit disappointed it didn't come out as pastel as I wanted as I had dreamt of pink hair for about 3 years now and can only do it at certain times due to work, so I had to go to Glastonbury as a very faint pink tinged blonde, which actually didn't look very pink after this picture.

I think next time I try this product, I will have to leave the toner on for longer to get the really white blonde colour so the pink had a better base to stick too.

I would also leave the pink colour on for longer as my hair is really really thick and probably needs longer for the colour to penetrate my hair.

Have you ever tried going a pastel colour? And if so which brands did you try?