Sunday, 20 July 2014

Lightning Nails

The last few days in England have been very stormy indeed. It has been the hot topic of the moment as we are not used to these kind of climatic dramas. Storms are the only weather that will make you switch off everything your doing, lay down, and stare absent mindedly out of the window anticipating a rumble of thunder or a flash of lightning... at least I do anyway.

I was babysitting on Friday night so had a lot of extra time to enjoy the storm, and managed to get a few snaps of the lightning. This one is my favourite that I got, I am no photographer but I was pretty impressed with this one!

This reminded me that I have been meaning to do some lightning nails for a while now. I have a list on my phone of nails I want to do, for when I get a sudden inspiration or reminder when I'm out and about. Lightning has certainly been on the list for a while, and this gave me the occasion to do it.

For this nail art, I used Barry M 'Indigo' as my base colour. The first coat was really watery but the second coat gave the perfect deep blue night sky I wanted. I then sponged on the purple colour, -creatively named 'Bright Purple'- into forks of where I wanted the lightning to go. I then sponged white at the cuticle to create the source of lightning, and then used the nip to create the jagged blots of lightning down the nail.

From far away I think these nails look better, when up close they potentially look like nail art gone wrong! I think the thinner the lines, the more effective the look will be. Let me know what you think!