Monday, 28 July 2014

Ren Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial

This is a product I have been patiently waiting for, for a very long time now. The first time I saw it was way back in October last year on 'It's a LDN thing', and I eagerly anticipated its arrival since. If you read Millie's post you will see it has changed a lot since then, thankfully the phallic looking pump has been ditched, and replaced with a much more bathroom appropriate tube.

The flash rinse is applied to cleansed, dry skin, and it feels like a really really fine exfoliate. It comes out in a green sort of paste, which is unlike any other beauty product I have ever seen.

You then wet your fingertips and massage the face again to activate the ingredients, and leave on as a mask for a minute. Once washed off, you can instantly see the results, and my skin felt smooth and it looked much brighter. It is the vitamin C in the product that creates the brightness, and it is an ingredient I am falling in love with as it is in a lot of the skin care I'm using at the moment. It also means it has a fresh and fruity smell to it which is another great aspect to it. It is advised not to use on sensitive skins, and I must admit the sensitivity around my nose didn't enjoy this product as much as the rest of my face. It didn't hurt or sting, it just felt slightly dry after using it.

This product can be used every 3 days as a boosting treatment, and I love how you see the effects instantly. It is also meant to have long term firming effects too. This product launched TODAY on the website, and I would highly recommend the product! At £32 it is a product that will last a while, and is a perfect quick and easy way to brighten your complexion.