Friday, 4 July 2014

Mavala Oasis Collection

All the lovely new summer collections are coming out which is very exciting! This one is from Mavala which you may know is one of my top nail brands!

The collection as a whole, is quite cool in terms of colours. We will start with my favourite collection from the collection! So here is...

Sunset Orange

This is such a nice colour on everyone who wears it. It makes your hands look really tanned and it is a real eye catcher. A good coral colour is a must have in everyones nail collection.

Wind Breeze

Wind breeze is a very flat nude colour. This didn't look quite right on my skin tone, but my friend with darker skin tried it and it looked lovely on her. It's a really nice nude colour.

Sand Rose

In the bottle this didn't really stand out to me but when it was on, this burnt, metallic rose gold is really pretty. Another colour that would look great on every skin tone.

Orchid Mauve

This is another colour that I thought looked underwhelming in the bottle. I would now go as far to say it is my second favourite in the collection. It has a slight twist on a pastel purple that is popular this time of year, as it has a slight dusty tone to it. Very pretty.


Treasure is the bling of the collection. On its own I thought it is a bit much on the hands, but on the toes, or used for nail art I think this is a really exciting colour. It is a smooth metallic which means easy removal which is a bonus!

Sky Blue

This was one of the colours that really stood out to me in the collection. A bright blue is another must have in any collection. It isn't a pastel blue, but more of a bright baby blue. It is a great eye catcher and one of my favourite blues.

What do you think of this collection? let me know in the comments :)