Thursday, 31 August 2017

August 2017 Favourites

Can you believe it is September already? From a quick scroll down twitter or instagram, you can see that everybody has watched summer fly by in the blink of an eye, and it seems we were only just starting to embrace it. 

I have never done a monthly round up or 'favourites' post which seem to be popular in the blogger world, so I think I may start doing a round up of products and things I have been loving for the past month as I think it is great to mention smaller things that may not warrant an entire post by itself.

I think this month I have managed to find some great dupes and high street alternatives which is great for when you're wanting to scrimp on shopping to save up for one more cocktail when you're away on holiday. 
Whilst the warmer months are going to start cooling off, here is a run down of my top ten summer products and accessories I have been using in August.

I absolutely love luxury lifestyle blogger and YouTuber Lydia Elise Millen, and her style and wardrobe always have me drooling. One bag that she has been wearing this summer is a Chloe Nile Bracelet bag, but with a £1000+ price, it is completely out of my budget! I knew I needed to find a solution, and had a quick search through the web and found this amazing dupe on Ebay for just £11.99. Of course it won't have the same quality as a genuine Chloe, but it is a real leather and still looks really chic. If you have a quick look on the Chloe website, you will see their official tan colour is more of a caramel which is deeper than this. I actually really like this beige tan colour so this dupe worked out perfectly for me.
The link to the Ebay seller is here, and they do a variety of colours to match the Chloe ones.

I absolutely love reflective sunglasses and I bought a really cool pair from Quay Australia earlier in the summer but lost them :( As I went on holiday last week I had a mad panic as I realised I didn't have any shades, so I ran into the nearest Accesorize and picked up this pair which were £12.50 which was a real bargain. When I got to the till and realised they were reduced down to £7.00 then I couldn't believe my luck. Of course they are not the most high end pair of sunnies, but I love the slanted top of the glasses which has been a huge trend this summer, and I like the pink tinged lens as it is reminiscent of the gorgeous tinted Ray Bans. As these are sale items they are no longer available online but make sure you have a little look around the sales in store as you're sure to find a bargain now the Autumn/ Winter lines are coming in.

I have really been loving this bubblegum pink nail polish for the summer months. This is called Pinking Out Loud from the Barry M Daylight Curing Range, £4.99, Boots and it has featured heavily across some recent nail art I have done such as these 90s Nails. I find this doesn't need the daylight curing top coat and is such a fun colour for holidays and this time of year. If you are looking for an amazing fun pink, then this is polish for you.

I have had this Kick Ass Fake Awake Dark Circles Concealer, £8, Soap & Glory in my makeup bag for a while now and I only reached for it when I couldn't put my hands on my usual Urban Decay concealer. It has a really balmy feel and it melts into the under eye area and conceals any darkness, so I have found this has become a regular staple in my makeup routine. Because it has a yellow tone, it is almost like a colour corrector as well as a concealer so it really balances out any darkness, and it looks really natural and brightens the whole face. I think it is a really great product and for £8, it is a fantastic high street price for a dual purpose product.

I am well aware I spoke about this product in my last post from my MAC trip, but this foundation has been perfect for the hotter August months. The Studio Sculpt Foundation NC20, £27.00, MAC has been my go to foundation due to its light weight feel, full coverage and dewy finish. It is the perfect foundation look for glowy summer skin and the fact it has an SPF 15 has been a lifesaver for the unexpected sunny days you find in August. I am sad I didn't find this earlier on in the summer but it will carry me through to the bright Autumnal months and will be a staple for my makeup bag next year.

Another product I am well aware I have covered heavily is this gorgeous lipstick in 'Naked', £15.50, Urban Decay and it even featured in my Top 5 Nude Lipsticks post. It is from the Cream Vice collection and is so comfortable and beautiful to wear. It adds just a hint of colour to the lips but it transforms them and makes them look fuller and juicy and wonderful. It is a pinky peach colour and it is maybe my favourite nude lipstick of all time.

Now bodily grooming is always a bit of a taboo subject, but as I have been loving lipstick this month, not to mention having intensely zoomed images of swatches for my blog, a fluffy upper lip is always going to spoil the look of a perfectly presented pout. Therefore I have started waxing my upper lip and I really love the results of it. I say 'I' have been doing it, but I am such a huge wimp as soon as the strip is on I have instant regret and my sister has to hold me down and pull them off.
Of course professional waxing is always advised, but these Precision Facial Wax Strips, £6.55, Veet are a fantastic budget alternative. Make sure you do steer clear of the lip skin, as on my first attempt I managed to wax of part of my lip and it left me with a lovely scab across my lip for a week which defeated the object of lovely lips. Once you nail the technique though, there are so useful and a quick resort, and the berry scent makes them quite pleasant under the nose area. 

A lot of my favourite bloggers and infulencers have become the face of the L'Oreal, and I think it is fantastic how much of an influence bloggers are having on the beauty industry. A lot of the bloggers I follow have all been raving about this Paradise Extatic Mascara, £11.99, L'Oreal, and as a slave to the infulencer, I had to go out and try it. I love the summery bronze and rose gold packaging, and although the first application was a little gloopy, I have loved the results ever since. It is a lengthening mascara and gives you the look of natural looking lashes, perfect for the no makeup look we like to adopt in Summer.

Another Soap & Glory purchase now and this is in the form of the Peach Party Multi-Colour Blush Brick, £11.00, Soap & Glory. This is a gorgeous shimmer, bronzer ad highlighter all in one and I love to blend this across the cheeks for a beautiful warm, peachy glow. It looks great on it's own but also with a bit of blush underneath as it brings out all the gorgeous tones in the brick. I think this is a really great high street alternative to products such as the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick which comes in at £35, and I think the final look is really beautiful on the skin.

Finally is fragrance, and again this is probably one I have mentioned time and time again so I apologise, but I just cannot get enough of this 'This Is Her! 100ml, £70, Zadig & Voltaire. This fragrance has vanilla, chestnut and sandalwood and it is a really seductive and warm scent perfect for summer nights and will also be beautiful in Autumn for those frosty sunny days.

I have really enjoyed doing this monthly round up as it has a variety of fashion, beauty and fragrance so it is certainly something I will continue to do in the future!

Let me know what your August Favouites have been as I'd love to try them for September!

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

MAC Makeup Trip

Earlier in the Summer, one of best friends got married and as it was going to be a beautiful day, my friend and I decided we would go and get our makeup professionally done at MAC to spoil ourselves and take the stress out of getting ready that day.

I went to MAC in Fenwick Tunbridge Wells, and had my makeup done by Rhiannon and I was really impressed with what she did for me.

As my dress was a dusty pink colour, I wanted bronze-y makeup with a nude lip and I think she nailed it!


The great thing about MAC, is that you can have your makeup done and the payment is redeemable against products after your makeover.

The products I decided to invest in after were the foundation used on me that day, as well as the lipstick and then as I had lashes applied I had to buy those too. I kind of wish I went with the highlight she used on me as well because it was beautiful! I was also lucky enough to have been there at a good time as they were giving away a free lipstick with any makeup appointments so I nabbed one of those too!

 I got the 34 Lashes, £11.50 which are graduated in length to give a longer lash at the outer eye which worked well with my winged eyeliner. As a non false lash wearer, these felt really dramatic at first but by the end of the day I loved them and they were so comfortable. I was so sad when I had to take them off.

I also decided to purchase the foundation Rhiannon used on me, as I have been looking for quite a full coverage foundation for those awful skin days I get! I liked this one as it had a satin finish and also had an SPF 15 which I like in a foundation. It was just as well I had an SPF on the day of the wedding as it got really sunny and I burnt my chest in the ceremony! Face was all good though.
I have the shade NC20 in the Studio Sculpt Foundation, £27.00

I also purchased the lipstick I wore on the day of the wedding which was Velvet Teddy, £16.50. I have gushed about this lipstick enough on my my top five nude lipsticks post which you can read here, but as the title of the post suggests, I am a big fan of this colour!

Finally, was the free lipstick I received which is this beautiful colour called Eros from the liptensity range. It is a fantastic fuchsia and is really long wearing and comfortable wear so I was really happy with this added bonus.

What are your favourite MAC essentials?

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Send Nudes: My top 5 nude lipsticks

A few years ago, I was one of those poeple who just didn't see the point in a nude lipstick. My mindset was if it didn't have bold colour, then why bother?

Fast forward a few years on, and I now find myself reaching for a different nude lipstick to wear everyday, and it is safe to say I am a little obsessed, be it very late to the party.

Whilst I think it is very easy to look at a nude lipstick and say that is either a pinky nude or that is a browner nude, I have found some great nudes that cater to all tastes. I thought I would show you my top nudes that I have been wearing recently.

(From Left to Right)
Back Talk, Brave, Naked, Alessandra, Velvet Teddy, Fleur De Force

Back Talk
First on the list is 'Back Talk' from Urban Decay. This is probably the pinkiest shade I have in my collection and is from Urban Decay's Comfort Matte collection. As the description would suggest, this is a very wearable formula as it doesn't feel dry and chalky like some matte lipsticks can. I have spoken about this lipstick before and I love it as an intense dusty pink colour and it is really pretty. I especially love it in the winter as I think the deeper tones work well with Autumnal and Winter clothing colours.

As you can see from the picture I have worn down this lipstick! 'Brave' from MAC was actually my first ever nude lipstick which is why it has been well used. I bought this as I looked up Kylie Jenner lip look dupes back in the day where she was still pretending her pout was all good lip lining.  Although Velvet Teddy was the named shade she used, Brave was recommended for those with fairer complexions so I grabbed it and I absolutely love it.
(For my post on Kylie Jenner lips click here)

'Naked' from Urban Decay is the newest addition to my nude collection. I kept seeing posts on Instagram of this beautiful Urban Decay lipstick and everytime I enquired as to what shade it was, the answer was always this one. The fact I kept stumbling across it and asking about it meant I obviously really liked it so I bought it on my last pay day and I love it so much! It is a perfect peachy shade and it is really pretty. It is from the cream collection of lipsticks and is so comfortable and easy to wear. An absolute must have for summer.

'Alessandra' from MAC is a colloabortaion with Glamour magazine's very own beauty editor Alessandra Steinherr. This was released with the Fleur De Force collaboration (also featuring in this post) so if you want to read about them a bit more in depth then go to my post I did solely on them here. This is another pinky toned lipstick but the coverage is very sheer so just adds a hint of colour. If someone isn't confident wearing lipsticks this would be a perfect starter.

Velvet Teddy
I mentioned above about Kylie Jenne's signature lipstick she wore back in the day before her own lip kits. This shade was of course 'Velvet Teddy' by MAC. Due to this, Velvet Teddy is probably one of MAC's best selling lipsticks and they even brought out the fragrance to go with this iconic shade. Not wanting to be a sheep and follow the crowd, I have resisted buying this for a long time, however I went into MAC to have my makeup done for a wedding and I wanted a browner toned lipstick and the makeup artist put this on me unknowing of the shade. I absolutely loved it and when she revealed what she had used, I knew that it had its famous reputation for a reason so snapped it up. This is from the matte range so isn't the comfiest lipstick to wear, however I find it lasts all day and doesn't need reapplication.

Fleur De Force
So the other release of the MAC X Infulencers is blogger and Vlogger Fleur Westaways lipstick. 'Fleur De Force' by MAC is probably the brownest shade I could go for a natural looking lip due to being quite fair. This lipstick is a cream sheen formula so again the pigment hasn't got a huge impact but it adds a wash of bronze to the lip. I wore this a lot when I was in Marbella and I had a bit of a tan and it looked dreamy.

I would love your go to Nudes! Let me know in the comments!

Monday, 7 August 2017

90s Nails

I have recently really got back into doing nail art. Seeing some of my favourite brands such as Wah Nails and I Scream Nails doing all their summer designs has my camera roll filled with screenshots of designs I want to try.

This design is taken from the I Scream Nails nail art book and it reminds me of the 90s theme credits from 'Saved By The Bell' and it is so simple to do but looks really effective.

The base I used is my current go to colour at the moment, which is Pinking Out Loud from the Barry M Sunset Gel collection. It is such a great bubblegum pink colour perfect for summer designs.

Using pastel colours on top of such a bright base will really make the pink pop. In all honesty, I have no idea what kind of shapes work with this design, but these sharp pastel zig zag shapes work with the black and white dots and stripes to make a contrast and big impact. I would love to try out some new fun combinations in the future.

If you have any ideas of fun colour combos or other shapes you think would work I'd love to know. 
Keep your eyes peeled for more fun designs whether it is 90s style or another design with this amazing pink base.