Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Mavala Technicolour range

Hi everyone! Today I am going to be showing you the latest collection from Mavala. Mavala are certainly on top when it comes to bringing out new collections, as they tend to do two for every season rather than one. The latest addition to their collection is the Technicolour range, which aims to be quite bold and individual, rather than the usual pastel summer colours we see coming out this time of year.


White is the nail colour of the season, and plain 'tippexed' nails are the latest trend. This white from Mavala has a gentle shimmer to it to make it a bit more 3 dimensional.

White looks perfect on short healthy nails. Mine are a bit flaky at the moment and I feel the white almost highlights that, but otherwise, a very chic colour, and one I will be wearing lots when my nails are healthier.

Black Night

In direct contrast, we have a black colour which is also another colour that everyone has to have in their collection. Black is a timeless classic, but this one stands out for me, as it has very faint green glimmer to it which I think makes it a bit more special.

Black is another colour that looks great on short nails, and its adds a graceful shape and extra shine. The green shimmer is not blatantly obvious, but under certain lights it just adds that bit of interest.

Cobalt Blue

I. Absolutely. Love. This. Colour. If I was to describe my absolute favourite colour in the whole world, it would be this. I adore electric blue shades, and when I saw this come out of the box I would not put it down. 

This is not to dissimilar from the Nails Inc 'Baker Street' and the new Mavala formula promises to give extra high gloss. My love for this colour is just unspeakable. This colour is very matte (which I also love) so I didn't do a second shot. It comes as it is, and I love it that way.

Arty Pink

Another colour I really love in this collection. When I saw this and the blue, I put one colour on each hand because I wanted to wear them both so badly! 

Arty Pink has a very light pink shimmer going through it. It is almost unnoticeable but it adds a bit more excitement to a candy pink shade.

 Cyber Yellow

This is the controversial colour of the collection. Some people absolutely hate this colour, and others love it. This is a real metallic yellow/green colour which is very larey.

I personally don't like the way it looked on my nails. Again, because it highlighted all the damage my nails currently have, but the colour just did not suit my skin tone. Being fair it is almost impossible for me to wear any kind of yellow, but I think this would look really good on a olive or black skin.

Orange Fusion

I have quite a large soft spot for orange polish on the nails. As I can't wear yellow, I find that orange is my next citrus-y colour that I can go to if I want summery, tropical nails.

This colour has a yellow/gold shimmer running through it which really makes it warm up the colour. Again, I really like this colour and think it will be one of the popular ones.

Overall, I think the whole collection is really quirky and different, but still has a summery aspect to it.

What do you think? And which is your favourite colour?