Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Maybelline Eye and Brow Makeup

When I go into Boots, I usually ending up just picking up the product I need, without taking much notice of the brand they are from. Recently I have really enjoyed all the products I have been using on my eyes, and I came to realise that they are all from Maybelline.

My favourite product of all the goodies, has got to be the liquid eye liner pen.

This pen is so good and precise and gives you a perfect cat eye flick so effortlessly. The nib is really thin and can easy draw on thin lines, and also a thicker line for more dressed up occasions.

The colour is really good, although you have to go over it a few times to get that really jet black colour.

The other eyeliner I have tried is the kohl pencil, which I received in my latest GlossyBox. I tend to use liquid eyeliners more, but this one is good at adding a touch of smoke to the eye. I use this mostly on my top lid line to reach under the lashes where the pen can't quite get too.

The next product I also received in my GlossyBox at Christmas (which I am yet to review, apologies). The Smokey Eyes, colossal volume mascara is what I am using at the moment.

I wouldn't say this mascara gave me 'colossal volume', but adds more length. It isn't the best mascara I've used but it is good for everyday wear.

My next favourite products are the colour tattoo eye shadows from Maybelline. They stay on amazingly well hence the tattoo part name of the product, but they are not stubborn when it comes to removal.

  I first tried the gold colour and fell in love with it. It adds a really subtle shimmer which instantly brightens the eye.

I was so impressed I went out and bought 'pomegranate' which I must say I am not as overwhelmed with as the colour isn't as dense on the eye as it came out on the swatch. It looks amazing on my friend who has darker hair so that may be why it doesn't pop as much on me?!

Next are the eyebrow products. With celebrities like Keira Knightley, Cara Delevingne, and the Olsen twins rocking the bushy eyebrow look, eyebrows are becoming quite a statement maker. I must admit that only up until recently I have never really bothered with making up my eyebrows, but now I have started I won't be able to stop. The maybelline eyebrow pencil is double ended and has a small eyebrow brush one end and your colour of choice on the other. I went for dark blonde which is perfect for my eyebrow but in these pictures it looks slightly ginger. The pencil is really soft and smudges really easily so you don't have dramatic lines all over your eyebrows.

It is perfect for filling in gaps to make the brows look more even, and the little brush neatens them all up and keeps them together.

The final product I want to show you is the eyebrow wand. To be used just like a mascara, you sweep the wand over your eyebrows to hold them in place so they don't stray. There is a slight colour to the product so again you need to choose one that suits you, but it is not dark at all and just adds a bit more depth. It leaves a slightly crispy residue on the eyebrow but nothing uncomfortable or unsightly, it just keeps the eyebrow in place.

Have you tried any of the Maybelline products above? Or can you suggest any others to use? I would love to hear from you so please leave a comment below.