Monday, 24 March 2014

Aveda Smooth Infusions Shampoo and Conditioner

I have tried quite a few natural haircare brands now, and have found they have been a bit hit and miss. I have still not been completely sure whether to completely convert to natural haircare due to the endless amounts of pros, or whether a few chemicals and perfumes will just have to slide when it comes to hair, after all, we cut it off and it grows back. 

My main problem with some natural haircare, is that due to natural shampoos not containing foaming agents, I find I have a bit of trouble getting a proper hair wash. As my hair is so thick, I find they just sit on the hair and don't properly wash it.  I have however finally found a completely natural brand that gives my hair a good clean. Although the products Aveda make are natural, I find I get just enough lather, to give my hair a good wash. 

The smooth infusions range from Aveda helps thick hair like mine reduce frizz, and smooths the hair down. The added bonus of the natural ingredients means the hair is not coated or weighed down, so the hair can be smoothed but still have a weightless feel to it. I shampoo my hair twice with these products. The first time to remove any dirt from the hair, and the second time to actually clean the hair. I find the second time is when I really feel the benefits, as it lathers more and really gets to work. By adding more water you create more lather, so you don't need to use much product meaning less wastage.

The smell of these two products are quite citrusy, which is really refreshing and uplifting. The conditioner is great at detangling, and again, doesn't coat the hair making it feel weighed down. After using these products I find my hair dries faster and is a lot more manageable, whilst still being weightless and easy to style. I have had these products a while now and still have loads left. If you want to try natural haircare, I would suggest starting at Aveda as their range of products is huge when it comes to hair types. They also do styling products for each range, which I really want to try. The small Shampoo is £17.00 and the conditioner £19.00. Or you can buy huge industrial sizes for £50.00 and £69.00 which are great value for money.

Have you tried Aveda before? If so what are your favourite products and why?
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