Monday, 23 April 2018

Nails Inc Polish Duos


Nails Inc, in my opinion, are one of the best nail brands in the world. They have been around for a long time and set themselves up as one of London's best nail polishes. They are constantly creating new and exciting ideas, such as their expanded makeup range Inc.redible cosmetics, and last year they started making nail polish duos which have been massively successful. They are always on trend and ahead of the times, such as the Unicorn nail duo which you can read my review of here

Nails Inc recently had a sale on and I knew I wanted to try the next three duos they had come up with as I loved the Unicorn set so much. For only £15 each, these sets are such a bargain compared to the usual £11 bottles.

The 'Holler-Graphic' duo is a space aged theme, which is packed with intergalactic glitter. As the name would suggest, these are both holographic polishes which means they have that rainbow shimmer running through.

I have found a lot of polishes that claim to be holographic often just contain glitter, but both of these polishes really impressed me.

'Ghetto Galactic' is a fabulous pink holo polish and looks so amazing. None of the rainbow colours get lost within the pink and I think it is a really cute polish.

For a more classic silver holo, 'Rocket Fuel' really is a great colour. The holographic polishes are really fine and smooth making them the perfect polishes.

Next is the Self Made Mermaid duo which is arguably the most instagrammed of the sets. With all things mermaid being the trend of last summer, these polishes were seen everywhere and really made a splash.

'Mermaid Parade' is a pearlescent blue with hints of pale pink running through. It is a really cute colour and makes your hands look really tanned and ethereal. They really catch the eye.

The glitter polish in this set is 'Ocean Ever After' which really is stunning! I absolutely love this polish and think it is perfect for summer and the beach.

Finally is the most recent duo, which was brought out at Christmas 2017.

The Champagne Shine set celebrates all things party, hence why it came out at the most festive fun time of year.

Another pearlescent colour, 'Fizz-ical' is a yellow gold shimmer. This really is a true champagne colour, and although it is quite subtle, it adds a touch of glamour to a normal nude mani.

The party starter of this set is 'Straight To My Head' which again is one of NailsInc's winning holographic formulas. This gold glitter fleked with rainbow holo really is a show stopper.

I really love these Nails Inc duos, and also think the marketing, advertising and branding around each set is on point and really makes a statement. I do think their holographic polishes are the best ones I have tried. It is impossible to avoid these sets and I can't wait to see what else they have in store.

Only recently, they have annouced the launch of the new 'Future is Fairy' duo which looks like a Spring time dream.

I have also noticed Nail Inc's cosmetics line 'Inc.redible' have a glow in the dark lipstick and jelly highlighter, so I imagine I will be having a spend up on their site soon!

See you on the next one!