Monday, 23 April 2018

Nails Inc Polish Duos


Nails Inc, in my opinion, are one of the best nail brands in the world. They have been around for a long time and set themselves up as one of London's best nail polishes. They are constantly creating new and exciting ideas, such as their expanded makeup range Inc.redible cosmetics, and last year they started making nail polish duos which have been massively successful. They are always on trend and ahead of the times, such as the Unicorn nail duo which you can read my review of here

Nails Inc recently had a sale on and I knew I wanted to try the next three duos they had come up with as I loved the Unicorn set so much. For only £15 each, these sets are such a bargain compared to the usual £11 bottles.

The 'Holler-Graphic' duo is a space aged theme, which is packed with intergalactic glitter. As the name would suggest, these are both holographic polishes which means they have that rainbow shimmer running through.

I have found a lot of polishes that claim to be holographic often just contain glitter, but both of these polishes really impressed me.

'Ghetto Galactic' is a fabulous pink holo polish and looks so amazing. None of the rainbow colours get lost within the pink and I think it is a really cute polish.

For a more classic silver holo, 'Rocket Fuel' really is a great colour. The holographic polishes are really fine and smooth making them the perfect polishes.

Next is the Self Made Mermaid duo which is arguably the most instagrammed of the sets. With all things mermaid being the trend of last summer, these polishes were seen everywhere and really made a splash.

'Mermaid Parade' is a pearlescent blue with hints of pale pink running through. It is a really cute colour and makes your hands look really tanned and ethereal. They really catch the eye.

The glitter polish in this set is 'Ocean Ever After' which really is stunning! I absolutely love this polish and think it is perfect for summer and the beach.

Finally is the most recent duo, which was brought out at Christmas 2017.

The Champagne Shine set celebrates all things party, hence why it came out at the most festive fun time of year.

Another pearlescent colour, 'Fizz-ical' is a yellow gold shimmer. This really is a true champagne colour, and although it is quite subtle, it adds a touch of glamour to a normal nude mani.

The party starter of this set is 'Straight To My Head' which again is one of NailsInc's winning holographic formulas. This gold glitter fleked with rainbow holo really is a show stopper.

I really love these Nails Inc duos, and also think the marketing, advertising and branding around each set is on point and really makes a statement. I do think their holographic polishes are the best ones I have tried. It is impossible to avoid these sets and I can't wait to see what else they have in store.

Only recently, they have annouced the launch of the new 'Future is Fairy' duo which looks like a Spring time dream.

I have also noticed Nail Inc's cosmetics line 'Inc.redible' have a glow in the dark lipstick and jelly highlighter, so I imagine I will be having a spend up on their site soon!

See you on the next one!

Monday, 5 March 2018

Ciate Mini Mani Month 2017

As we are know fully in March 2018, it feels a little ridiculous posting a blog post with '2017' in the title, but I promised I would review my Ciate Mini Month advent calendar and as it has been a solid two months since Christmas, I feel that if it gets to three months everyone will well and truly think I'm mad.

Although this was a Christmas Advent Calender, I believe most of the nail varnishes are available all year round so I wanted to show them to you as they are so pretty and can be worn in all seasons!
As you can imagine, it takes a while going through 24 products, and I have actually worn these shades out and about, not just painting, swatching and on to the next one so that is why it has taken so long!

The calendar has 20 mini nail colours, one full size polish, one mini nail file, a mini nail treatment and a mini gel top coat. Each treat came out of a door with a famous quote from a famous lady. People such as Anna Wintour, Marilyn Monroe and Beyonce graced to calendar which made every day of December and empowered one.

So here are the 21 swatches!

'After Party' is GREAT polish very similar to the 'Rainbow Wishes' in the Nails Inc Unicorn duo but it is a super metallic colour you can't go wrong with.

'Beach Party' as the name suggests, is a lovely bright Summer time coral. Bit odd being in an advent calendar, but I love this for the warmer months

'Big Top' is a loose glitter which is much better for Christmas time! This featured in my Valentines nails ideas this year, as it is a really beautiful fine glitter you can pat into damp polish to create this gorgeous glitter nail.

'Caberet' is a beautiful berry colour which looks great all year round. It is really wearable and looks really sophisticated.

'Champagne Kisses' looks a lot pinker in the bottle but this is a really cute bubblegum pink chunky glitter. It is a bugger to take off but it is totally worth it for the final look!

Another absolute chore to take off is 'Locket' which is a mixture of metallic silver polish and silver glitter. It is a real half and half of each so if you shy away from glitter this is a great stepping stone!

'Desert Lights' is a really unusual colour I've never come across before. It is a silvery, purple glitter speckled polish. As the name suggests, it is quite a mystical colour and is like a star studded night sky.

Ok this colour here, THIS COLOUR HERE is the winner in my eyes. Oh my gosh 'House of Mirrors' is a holographic polish. No need for holo dust or anything like that, just pure, multi-tonal smooth holo. It is 100% my favourite polish in the whole calender.

'Maybe Baby' is a classic cool girl nude with coffee toned browns. It's a very chic and sophisticated colour.

'Midnight In Paris' is another starlight scene with silver glitter embedded into a deep navy blue colour. The glitter is very fine in this so adds a touch of mystery when it catches the light.

'Moon Dust' is a cosmic goldy purple colour with a glitter metallic finish. It is quite a fun unicorn like colour if you're into that sort of thing!

Another duo tone glitter is 'Moonlit Whispers' which is a light blue and purple shimmer. It is a really pretty mix of the two and looks like different colours in different lighting.

'Mostly a Mum' is a classic deep red colour. This will suit all skin tones and look a million dollars. It is also a great base colour for glitter powders like 'Big Top'

'Palm Springs' is another summer time sounding name, with its jewel toned blue reminiscent of the ocean. This royal blue colour also looks lovely in the cooler months too though.

Another aqua inspired colour is 'Part Time Mermaid' which is a green metallic colour. This is a little harder for some to pull off, but as the Mermaid trend is in, why not give it a splash.

'Cosmic Love' is a holographic chunky glitter which is in a clear polish. This works well over a colour to add sparkle or can also be buildable to create more coverage.

'Reign Supreme' is another deep dark colour. A great alternative to black, this deep purple wine colour is very sophisticated.

'Roll Up Roll Up' is the epitome of Christmas tree green. I love this teal colour for all year round though, it is very wearable for all skin tones and is a really interesting.

Another nude which is slightly cooler toned is 'The Naked Truth' which I thought would be a little meh but actually I love this colour on my skin tone. It is really flattering and makes you look perfectly polished.

'What The Shell' is a really bold bright bluey/purple which makes a statment and makes people look twice. This is another great all year round colour, perfect for the Spring months with blooming Bluebells!

Lastly is the full size colour in the calendar, and that comes in the form of 'Show Time' which is a chunky gold glitter with fleks of rose pink glitter in the mix. Perfect for when you want to make a bang with you nails!

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Glossier Solution: Was it really worth the hype?

Since my first initial gush, there has been a new product release from the brand, the Solution, £19,, an 'exfoliating skin perfecter' that promises to transform your skin into glowing clear beauty in just 4 weeks, and the publication of this post marks 4 weeks since I started using it...

Now as I said in my previous Glossier post, I am a sucker for a hype, and I was well and truly sucked in on the 17th January 2018 when the sudden release of a new Glossier product started being plastered all over my instagram feed. A product that had some of my favourite bloggers and beauty journalists going absolutely mad for it and swearing by it's immense powers.
Not only that, but it's adorable glittery, millennial pink packaging could make even the most basic skincare lover want to post a 'shelfie' due to it's completely irresistible look. Combined with 'before and after' shots of reduced scarring, clearer glowier skin, it was impossible to avoid the social media hype around this product, and I have to admit it was a little overwhelming with everyone telling you you NEEDED something you had never heard of until that day, but the truth is, the hype bombardment worked.
Despite it containing Glycolic acid which I have had a few ups and downs with in the past (read Pixi Glow review for the downs) I was officially convinced that I needed this product.

As someone who has really struggled with my skin in adult life, I was a little desperate to get the results it promised, and I made sure I had this within a few days of it's release (it was launched just days before my birthday and I dropped very obvious hints to my boyfriend) and I could not wait to get this product all over my face.

So how does it work?

Solution is a chemical exfoliator rather than a 'scrub' exfoliator. It uses acids to slough away dead skin to encourage fresh new skin to the surface appearing brighter and softer. Here is where it gets more science-y. Solution contains a particular 10% blend of three acid actives for maximum efficacy: Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA), and Polyhydroxy Acid (PHA)

The AHA is in the form of lactic acid and Glycolic acid, the one I've had a bit of ups and downs with before. AHA's brighten the skin and improve tone and texture.

The BHA is salicylic acid, which reduces redness and reduces spots. I have recently bought this in a pure form from the Ordinary for any breakouts.

Finally, the PHA is Gluconolactone which I have never heard of before but apparently moisturises, conditions and exfoliates.

Before I dropped the big hint to my boyfriend, I got in contact with a couple of people who had been sent the product ahead of the launch to trial it, and had sworn by the results, vouched for its reputation and said yes, the product worked. I even DM'd Beauty Director of ELLE UK Sophie Beresiner (I love her and Joely Walker as the beauty team) to hear her honest thoughts before she published her review. She stood by what she said in her article, and said that she suffered with sensitive skin, but this was gentle enough and her skin had taken quite nicely to it.

With that reputable go ahead, I went for it. After receiving my Glossier solution (TY again Tom), I used it straight away.

The Glossier website says:

Glossier reviewers said "Skin felt cleaner and softer; they felt Solution working right after they applied it."

For this statement, I would agree. My skin definitely felt smoother and the redness in my spots had certainly reduced slightly. I even did a little before and after of my own on my instagram stories because I woke up to dramatically reduced redness. But after 4 weeks, was my skin REALLY going to be as clear and wonderful as everyone said it would be?

Well there were thumbs up from all the beauty gurus right?


A few days after the launch, and also a few days after I'd been using Solution, absolute Queen of the Acids as well as Beauty Blogging Royalty Caroline Hirons wrote her review of the Solution, and I have to admit, it really made me feel guilty about the stuff I'd been using on my face. I won't go into the full post as you can read it here, but she wrote a really black and white review about the product and went into great depth about the ingredients in the Solution and actually how damaging - in their quantities- they could be to the skin, and it made me feel really silly for not properly researching the acidic product I was using on my face.
Caroline Hirons herself used the Solution, and came out in big red, painful itchy spots on her face, and her review caused quite the stir in the beauty world, because she was the first to go against the grain and challenge this product.

At this point, the shine had really been taken off the product, and I felt like a real fool for giving in to a pretty pink bottle with a funky pump, especially as I had given into the hype knowing that some of the acids it contained didn't react too well to my skin in the first place. I am quite stubborn though, and as someone who likes to see things through to the end, I was determined to stick with the solution for the full 4 weeks so I could say I gave the product enough time to do exactly what it said.

And the results?

In all honesty, I feel like you've probably got to this point of this long old post hoping for a huge reveal, but the truth is, I am not sure if this is working for me or not.

Whilst I have had red, painful spots on my face, this is pretty common for me, especially for one of those 4 weeks (yes, I am referencing a period) so I can't say it is due to the Solution or not.

In short, Glossier says:

Reviewers said Skin looked smoother, brighter, and clearer.

Pores looked smaller and skin looked glowy.

Solution unclogged pores and reduced the appearance of redness; skin looked more even.


7 out of 10 people said skin looked transformed.

3 out of 4 people said this was the solution they were looking for.

In short, for me personally, my skin has not been transformed. It's probably just as bad as it was before, with old spots calming down leaving new red marks in time for new red spots to appear. I feel as though this cycle is going to keep happening and before I find a 'solution', I need to actually the tackle the cause of my acne which could be down to stress, diet and a number of other things.

I have stopped using this for a couple of days and found my skin has calmed down and my spots have not been so red. Personally, I feel as though this product would work perfectly as a post acne treatment to help clear up the last few blemishes and keep pimples at bay, however as a direct acne target, I feel as though it just isn't it.

For me, I have always had fairly sensitive skin, and when I was really interested in researching the ingredients going into my skin, I found using natural and paraben free products worked really well for me, and is when my skin was at it's best. I am not saying the solution is good or bad, I'm just saying that maybe I need to stop being so lazy and actually research the products I am putting onto my skin before jumping on a product bandwagon. The eratic and imbalanced place my skin is as at the moment isn't the best time for me to experiment with new skincare, especially something as strong as acids.

I apologise if you have got to the end of this post looking for an affirmation on whether or not you should purchase this product, so I hope you don't feel as though you have wasted your time reading this post, however I will always review honestly and at this moment in time, I feel as though this product isn't going to help my skin get to it's full potential.

What I do hope though, is that I have left you with enough information and sources for you to research yourself and make your own decisions. I'd really love to hear of anyone else's experiences with this product and what their thoughts on it are.

If you are still unsure, another helpful blog review I found is from WhatLucyLoves and you can read that here.

To review the product with its full ingredient list, go to the Glossier website here, and please do read my review of all the other lovely Glossier products I have tried because they really are great!

I still love you Glossier!

Friday, 16 February 2018

Chinese New Year Nails

Happy Chinese New Year! Today officially marks the start of Chinese New Year.

Before I get into Chinese New Year, I just thought I'd quickly tell you about my little trip to the I scream nails salon in Melbourne whilst I was travelling Australia in 2016 which first inspired these nails.  If you have read my blog before, then you may know that I often to I scream Nail inspired designs as I find they create fun, colourful and exciting nail art, a style I like to think suits me.

I wanted to buy the nail art book that they have, so headed straight to the source to find the place completely empty, and just the owner Celia there all to myself! There is another salon in Sydney which I tired when I was there but it was closed, but I was so happy to get there so I could meet Celia. She was so unbelievably lovely and spoke to me for ages about my travels and our passion for nail art. She gave me a few stickers and nail files to keep me going until I got home to England in the summer. She even showed me the back room and introduced me to the man behind the social media. It was very exciting for me and I was seriously fan girling the whole time. My biggest regret in life will not being brave enough to ask for a selfie with her, but I am still pretty pleased with my picture in their awesome salon.

Visiting the Salon and Celia really got my creative juices flowing, and reading the book I found some inspiration. Walking around Melbourne city the other day, I swatted up on my zodiac knowledge, and found I am the year of the Sheep. Due to the large Asian community in Melbourne, they really go all out with decorations, and I realised this was the perfect opportunity to create the fun, colourful I scream Nails style of nail art I wanted to make

This large inflatable light up dragon in particular made me really want to create something for the Chinese celebration.

From here I went home, got my nail art tool bag out, and just had a play around and created this Chinese dragon.

These would probably be more appropriate for the year of the dragon, but I love the Dragon costumes that people get under and walk around in. They make the dragon look so real so I wanted to incorporate that somehow.

I started with the head, and then just had a play around with colours and continued it down the body.
Similarly to the costumes, I like how I can wiggle my fingers and make it look as though it is moving!

Are you celebrating Chinese New Year? What is your Zodiac sign? I'd love to know!

Until next time!