Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Send Nudes: My top 5 nude lipsticks

A few years ago, I was one of those poeple who just didn't see the point in a nude lipstick. My mindset was if it didn't have bold colour, then why bother?

Fast forward a few years on, and I now find myself reaching for a different nude lipstick to wear everyday, and it is safe to say I am a little obsessed, be it very late to the party.

Whilst I think it is very easy to look at a nude lipstick and say that is either a pinky nude or that is a browner nude, I have found some great nudes that cater to all tastes. I thought I would show you my top nudes that I have been wearing recently.

(From Left to Right)
Back Talk, Brave, Naked, Alessandra, Velvet Teddy, Fleur De Force

Back Talk 
First on the list is 'Back Talk' from Urban Decay. This is probably the pinkiest shade I have in my collection and is from Urban Decay's Comfort Matte collection. As the description would suggest, this is a very wearable formula as it doesn't feel dry and chalky like some matte lipsticks can. I have spoken about this lipstick before and I love it as an intense dusty pink colour and it is really pretty. I especially love it in the winter as I think the deeper tones work well with Autumnal and Winter clothing colours.

As you can see from the picture I have worn down this lipstick! 'Brave' from MAC was actually my first ever nude lipstick which is why it has been well used. I bought this as I looked up Kylie Jenner lip look dupes back in the day where she was still pretending her pout was all good lip lining.  Although Velvet Teddy was the named shade she used, Brave was recommended for those with fairer complexions so I grabbed it and I absolutely love it.
(For my post on Kylie Jenner lips click here)

'Naked' from Urban Decay is the newest addition to my nude collection. I kept seeing posts on Instagram of this beautiful Urban Decay lipstick and everytime I enquired as to what shade it was, the answer was always this one. The fact I kept stumbling across it and asking about it meant I obviously really liked it so I bought it on my last pay day and I love it so much! It is a perfect peachy shade and it is really pretty. It is from the cream collection of lipsticks and is so comfortable and easy to wear. An absolute must have for summer.

'Alessandra' from MAC is a colloabortaion with Glamour magazine's very own beauty editor Alessandra Steinherr. This was released with the Fleur De Force collaboration (also featuring in this post) so if you want to read about them a bit more in depth then go to my post I did solely on them here. This is another pinky toned lipstick but the coverage is very sheer so just adds a hint of colour. If someone isn't confident wearing lipsticks this would be a perfect starter.

Velvet Teddy
I mentioned above about Kylie Jenne's signature lipstick she wore back in the day before her own lip kits. This shade was of course 'Velvet Teddy' by MAC. Due to this, Velvet Teddy is probably one of MAC's best selling lipsticks and they even brought out the fragrance to go with this iconic shade. Not wanting to be a sheep and follow the crowd, I have resisted buying this for a long time, however I went into MAC to have my makeup done for a wedding and I wanted a browner toned lipstick and the makeup artist put this on me unknowing of the shade. I absolutely loved it and when she revealed what she had used, I knew that it had its famous reputation for a reason so snapped it up. This is from the matte range so isn't the comfiest lipstick to wear, however I find it lasts all day and doesn't need reapplication.

Fleur De Force
So the other release of the MAC X Infulencers is blogger and Vlogger Fleur Westaways lipstick. 'Fleur De Force' by MAC is probably the brownest shade I could go for a natural looking lip due to being quite fair. This lipstick is a cream sheen formula so again the pigment hasn't got a huge impact but it adds a wash of bronze to the lip. I wore this a lot when I was in Marbella and I had a bit of a tan and it looked dreamy.

I would love your go to Nudes! Let me know in the comments!

Monday, 7 August 2017

90s Nails

I have recently really got back into doing nail art. Seeing some of my favourite brands such as Wah Nails and I Scream Nails doing all their summer designs has my camera roll filled with screenshots of designs I want to try.

This design is taken from the I Scream Nails nail art book and it reminds me of the 90s theme credits from 'Saved By The Bell' and it is so simple to do but looks really effective.

The base I used is my current go to colour at the moment, which is Pinking Out Loud from the Barry M Sunset Gel collection. It is such a great bubblegum pink colour perfect for summer designs.

Using pastel colours on top of such a bright base will really make the pink pop. In all honesty, I have no idea what kind of shapes work with this design, but these sharp pastel zig zag shapes work with the black and white dots and stripes to make a contrast and big impact. I would love to try out some new fun combinations in the future.

If you have any ideas of fun colour combos or other shapes you think would work I'd love to know. 
Keep your eyes peeled for more fun designs whether it is 90s style or another design with this amazing pink base.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

My Favourite Summer Lipsticks

Lipstick has recently become my favourite beauty statement maker only in the last few years, and this time of year you can get away with a really bright lip, or a sultry dark lip. Summer is also a really good time to experiment with colour, so this post will be about my favourite lipsticks that I am wearing this season.

'True Coral' by Tom Ford

I cannot afford Tom Ford but I got this little sample size lipstick in 'True Coral' which I have had for a while. It is a really strong colour so you don't need much of it and it is a really pretty coral. 

Lancome Colours

The colour below is called 'Rose Sortilege' by Lancome, but is actually discontinued now. This is a deep berry colour that can be built up.

Luckily they have brought out a new colour that is pretty much a perfect match and is from the Rouge in Love range. I don't know the name of the colour but its number is 379N.

Pictured below is me wearing this colour at wireless festival a few Years ago. The picture doesn't show up the colour fantastically, but you can definitely see it is a darker colour to what I usually go for.

'Relentlessly Red' by Mac

This is THE BEST COLOUR EVER. It is the perfect festival lipstick as the colour is so bright and it lasts all stay. No matter how much beer or cider you drink, it will stay put. This is a matte finish lipstick by Mac so it does tend to dry the lips out. I find another coat of this soothes the dryness but don't go over board or you get a bobbly finish. Ideally it is not the best texture but the colour is so insane I can't fault it.

This lipstick looks so much better in real life as you can see the neon-y finish much clearer, but here I am sporting this lipstick at BST festival. I also wore it all of Glastonbury and it is constantly in my handbag.

'Mightiest Maraschino' Chubby Stick by Clinique

I have blogged about this Chubby Stick before but it is another of my staple red lip colours so it has to go on my list. I am fair skinned so I should go for bluer toned reds to compliment my skin. I certainly do not obey that rule as I will buy any red lipstick I like the look of, but this one definitely suits my skin tone as it is more cool. As it is an extreme chubby the pigment is much stronger than the usual sheer chubbys.

Laqa & Co Lip Lube

This is what I meant above when I was saying experiment with colour. I would never have thought I would be the sort of girl to rock a purple lipstick, but lo and behold I have and I absolutely love it as well. This Lip Lube got in my Birchbox was the perfect push to get me to try out a bold lip colour, and since getting it, I have gone out and purchased a few purple toned colours.

I find this lip colour looks best with really soft pink eye makeup, so you haven't got a 'gothy' look about you.

Have you got any summer must have lipsticks?

Monday, 24 July 2017

Models Own 'One Night Stand' Mirror Manicure

Hello everyone and welcome to my post about a polish I have been SO excited about!

If truth be told, It was actually Ciate who first started advertising their mirror manicure a few months ago, and I was adamant that I would be first in line to get my hands on one. Whilst they kept teasing it on social media, release dates weren't being confirmed and I was getting really impatient.

Suddenly one day on instagram, Models Own annouced that they had formulated their own mirror manicure and it would be coming out on the following Friday! Perfect. I even wrote the date in my diary so I could snap it up as soon as it was released.

After purchasing the Models Own polish, a few minutes after the release, Ciate then dropped the bomb that THEIR mirror manicure would also be released the same day! Maybe some kind of embargo was droppped?

I would love to get the Ciate mirror manicure to see if they are similar or if one is better than the other, however the Ciate polish has sold out and they have not said when they will be getting it back in so for now, I will just show you the Models Own mirror manicure.

After that slight ramble, lets go through what I actually ordered.

The Mirror manicure called 'One Night Stand' is £14.99 and it comes as two parts. 

I haven't tried the metal polish without the 2 in 1 base and top coat so not sure if this step is vital to the final look, however it must have some kind of property to keep the metal coat in place. The base coat looks quite milky, but it does dry very fast. You have to wait for the base to be completely dry before you add the actual mirror polish which literally looks like melted silver. 

Putting on the metal coat is really easy and you get full coverage from one coat. It is best not to overlay the coats as you starts to get a slightly stripey look, but it looks so amazing as you put it on!

Once this layer is done, you are a little scared to put on the milky coat again as it looks so amazing straight away! The milky coat does dry clear so make sure you add it to make your mirror manicure last.

And the final look...

This just looks so amazing and it really does reflect like a mirror! Here it is in natural light which looks best and then with flash on in the image below.

So after just a couple of days wear, there are a couple of downsides already! 
Firstly, the top coat really does keep the shine to the nail so make sure you apply. It does state that after 6 hours the shine will fade, and I find it peels.
Whilst it is actually still pretty reflective, you can definitly see where the top coat has peeled.
The other down side is this polish does chip quite easily especially at the tips of the nails.

I did a quick black outline of the nails to combat this and think it looks pretty industrial.

Other than that, it is safe to say that this manicure looks amazing!

As a little free gift with the mirror polish, Models Own threw in a free metallic eyeshadow which I had a little play with over the weekend.

The eyeshaow is a paste consistency and you mix it in the dish with the primer to get a sort of liquid metal cream which you can apply with a brush.

I had a little play around with my baby sis and went for quite a dramatic cut crease and this was the final look.

Find the link to the Models Own Mirror Manicure here

Monday, 17 July 2017

Emoji Nails

Hi everyone, today's nail are inspired by the marvelous emojis that grace our lives on a daily basis! I love to animate my texts with emojis so I have done a manicure inspired by my most used little faces!

I used a yellow Rimmel colour for the base, and then did the darker shading with my Barry M 'Mustard' colour. I then went over to define the expressions with 'Espresso' by Mavala and used nail art pens for any teeth! The heart eyed emoji was used with the Alexa Chung heart polish that has little hearts inside.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Ice Cream Nails


I love Ice Cream it is 100% my favourite dessert and with it being National Ice Cream Day this weekend I thought why not celebrate in style?!
This design was inspired from the aptly named I Scream Nails nail art book I bought in Melbz, Australia.

These delectable digits were done using 
Base nude -Beachy Keen, Barry M
Cone Stripes - Espresso by Mavala
Pink Ice Cream - Bubblegum pink, Barry M Dayligh Curing range
Cherry - Scorchin' Hot, Seche

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Beauty Pie 2.0

Well hello, and welcome back to yet another Beauty Pie post. I know it may seem like I am banging on about this brand, but it really has so much to offer and at great affordable prices, it is kind of the only stuff I am using at the moment!

If you are unfamiliar with Beauty Pie and the way it works, then I wrote a pretty detailed post about the way it all works on a previous blog here, so do go and check that out if you haven't already.

My last post was also on the amazing skincare they have, so again, do head over there to read about that.

This post will be focussing on the makeup, and will be a kind of 'Get Ready With Me Post'

So once I used all my Beauty Pie Skincare, I used the Matte Retouch Pore Minimizing Primer £3.44 which is quite a creamy feel. It doesn't have the siliconey feel which I quite like in a primer, but it does add a little layer of smoothness to help makeup application. It isn't my favourite ever primer but I do like the way it soaks in like a moisturiser.

Next is the Great Skin Foundation, £5.06 which I have been most excited to use. I went for the shade Ivory because I am pale AF, and it suits my skin tone perfectly. I find the coverage very good however the staying power hadn't been working that well for me. At about midday I could see it starting to lift away from my skin and cling to drier bits of skin. Since changing to Beauty Pie skincare, I have seen a huge difference in the lasting power of my foundation, and now it lasts much longer and goes on much smoother.

Next is the Super Luminous Concealer £2.69 which I've had a rollercoaster relationship with. At first, I loved the idea of a built in sponge, and the luminizing formula really called out to me. I put it in my shopping basket and waited for it to arrive.

Trying it out, I found the sponge really really hard, and a bit painful to use when using it on the bony areas around my eyes. It didn't blend in well at all and I threw it down and grabbed my beauty blender.

After a few weeks I decided to give it another try, and the more I use it, the more the sponge softens and the better it works. It does take a little longer to blend than a usual sponge as it is so small, but I have to say I do really like the coverage it gives.

The formula has a tiny shimmer so it is great under the eyes to brighten but I wouldn't use it on any blemishes as it would highlight them. The coverage is really good and it makes me look much more awake. Final verdict: We like.

Once my base is done, I like to add definition and blush to my face. The Quantum Bronzer £2.87 is actually stunning, however the shimmery layer is only on the top of the pan and underneath is a matte product.

After bronzing, I use the Smart Powder Blush £2.77 in 'Peachy Dreams' for my cheeks which is really lovely and a great colour for paler skin as it adds a subtle wash of colour.

Moving on to eyes, I used Precision Eyeliner Marker £1.48 which is like a felt tip pen. I have to say I didn't get on with this very well, however I don't think anything will ever compare to my Gradiose Lancome Liner which is my favourite. I did actually like it better the second time I used it but there is quite a large range of eye liners on the website so I may have to try a different texture next time!

One eye product I am a huge fan of though, is the Radical Lash Super Volumizing Mascara £1.98 which does crazy things to my lashes in a matter of seconds! It is really long lasting and adds incredible volume and length to my lashes.
Scuse the brows, they're overdue a pluck

Next is the Pro Glow Highlighter in the shade Cosmic Shine, £5.46. This is the most instagrammable product ever! It looks absolutely gorgeous and like a marbled shimmer dream. I found the product quite hard to pick up at first, but similarly to the One Powder Wonder £3.76 which I reviewed in my previous makeup post, I have now started to wear it in (heartbreak because it looks too pretty to use) and I find I get good coverage with this.
It gives a subtle yet gorgeous finish to the areas you highlight.


I have also got this Triple Beauty Liquid Luminizer £2.53which I am yet to use.

Lastly,  I seal everything with the One Powder Wonder £3.76 to make it last that bit longer and blur my complexion.

To finish everything off we have lips and I have gone for this Future Lipstick in Bomb shell Pink £3.11 which is a great hot pink shade for the summer.

Side note: Anyone have any tips for these bumps on my cheeks?

And the final look...

I'll try and change up my posts but Beauty Pie is just so great it is hard to use anything else at the moment!