Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Glossier Solution: Was it really worth the hype?

Since my first initial gush, there has been a new product release from the brand, the Solution, £19, glossier.com, an 'exfoliating skin perfecter' that promises to transform your skin into glowing clear beauty in just 4 weeks, and the publication of this post marks 4 weeks since I started using it...

Now as I said in my previous Glossier post, I am a sucker for a hype, and I was well and truly sucked in on the 17th January 2018 when the sudden release of a new Glossier product started being plastered all over my instagram feed. A product that had some of my favourite bloggers and beauty journalists going absolutely mad for it and swearing by it's immense powers.
Not only that, but it's adorable glittery, millennial pink packaging could make even the most basic skincare lover want to post a 'shelfie' due to it's completely irresistible look. Combined with 'before and after' shots of reduced scarring, clearer glowier skin, it was impossible to avoid the social media hype around this product, and I have to admit it was a little overwhelming with everyone telling you you NEEDED something you had never heard of until that day, but the truth is, the hype bombardment worked.
Despite it containing Glycolic acid which I have had a few ups and downs with in the past (read Pixi Glow review for the downs) I was officially convinced that I needed this product.

As someone who has really struggled with my skin in adult life, I was a little desperate to get the results it promised, and I made sure I had this within a few days of it's release (it was launched just days before my birthday and I dropped very obvious hints to my boyfriend) and I could not wait to get this product all over my face.

So how does it work?

Solution is a chemical exfoliator rather than a 'scrub' exfoliator. It uses acids to slough away dead skin to encourage fresh new skin to the surface appearing brighter and softer. Here is where it gets more science-y. Solution contains a particular 10% blend of three acid actives for maximum efficacy: Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA), and Polyhydroxy Acid (PHA)

The AHA is in the form of lactic acid and Glycolic acid, the one I've had a bit of ups and downs with before. AHA's brighten the skin and improve tone and texture.

The BHA is salicylic acid, which reduces redness and reduces spots. I have recently bought this in a pure form from the Ordinary for any breakouts.

Finally, the PHA is Gluconolactone which I have never heard of before but apparently moisturises, conditions and exfoliates.

Before I dropped the big hint to my boyfriend, I got in contact with a couple of people who had been sent the product ahead of the launch to trial it, and had sworn by the results, vouched for its reputation and said yes, the product worked. I even DM'd Beauty Director of ELLE UK Sophie Beresiner (I love her and Joely Walker as the beauty team) to hear her honest thoughts before she published her review. She stood by what she said in her article, and said that she suffered with sensitive skin, but this was gentle enough and her skin had taken quite nicely to it.

With that reputable go ahead, I went for it. After receiving my Glossier solution (TY again Tom), I used it straight away.

The Glossier website says:

Glossier reviewers said "Skin felt cleaner and softer; they felt Solution working right after they applied it."

For this statement, I would agree. My skin definitely felt smoother and the redness in my spots had certainly reduced slightly. I even did a little before and after of my own on my instagram stories because I woke up to dramatically reduced redness. But after 4 weeks, was my skin REALLY going to be as clear and wonderful as everyone said it would be?

Well there were thumbs up from all the beauty gurus right?


A few days after the launch, and also a few days after I'd been using Solution, absolute Queen of the Acids as well as Beauty Blogging Royalty Caroline Hirons wrote her review of the Solution, and I have to admit, it really made me feel guilty about the stuff I'd been using on my face. I won't go into the full post as you can read it here, but she wrote a really black and white review about the product and went into great depth about the ingredients in the Solution and actually how damaging - in their quantities- they could be to the skin, and it made me feel really silly for not properly researching the acidic product I was using on my face.
Caroline Hirons herself used the Solution, and came out in big red, painful itchy spots on her face, and her review caused quite the stir in the beauty world, because she was the first to go against the grain and challenge this product.

At this point, the shine had really been taken off the product, and I felt like a real fool for giving in to a pretty pink bottle with a funky pump, especially as I had given into the hype knowing that some of the acids it contained didn't react too well to my skin in the first place. I am quite stubborn though, and as someone who likes to see things through to the end, I was determined to stick with the solution for the full 4 weeks so I could say I gave the product enough time to do exactly what it said.

And the results?

In all honesty, I feel like you've probably got to this point of this long old post hoping for a huge reveal, but the truth is, I am not sure if this is working for me or not.

Whilst I have had red, painful spots on my face, this is pretty common for me, especially for one of those 4 weeks (yes, I am referencing a period) so I can't say it is due to the Solution or not.

In short, Glossier says:

Reviewers said Skin looked smoother, brighter, and clearer.

Pores looked smaller and skin looked glowy.

Solution unclogged pores and reduced the appearance of redness; skin looked more even.


7 out of 10 people said skin looked transformed.

3 out of 4 people said this was the solution they were looking for.

In short, for me personally, my skin has not been transformed. It's probably just as bad as it was before, with old spots calming down leaving new red marks in time for new red spots to appear. I feel as though this cycle is going to keep happening and before I find a 'solution', I need to actually the tackle the cause of my acne which could be down to stress, diet and a number of other things.

I have stopped using this for a couple of days and found my skin has calmed down and my spots have not been so red. Personally, I feel as though this product would work perfectly as a post acne treatment to help clear up the last few blemishes and keep pimples at bay, however as a direct acne target, I feel as though it just isn't it.

For me, I have always had fairly sensitive skin, and when I was really interested in researching the ingredients going into my skin, I found using natural and paraben free products worked really well for me, and is when my skin was at it's best. I am not saying the solution is good or bad, I'm just saying that maybe I need to stop being so lazy and actually research the products I am putting onto my skin before jumping on a product bandwagon. The eratic and imbalanced place my skin is as at the moment isn't the best time for me to experiment with new skincare, especially something as strong as acids.

I apologise if you have got to the end of this post looking for an affirmation on whether or not you should purchase this product, so I hope you don't feel as though you have wasted your time reading this post, however I will always review honestly and at this moment in time, I feel as though this product isn't going to help my skin get to it's full potential.

What I do hope though, is that I have left you with enough information and sources for you to research yourself and make your own decisions. I'd really love to hear of anyone else's experiences with this product and what their thoughts on it are.

If you are still unsure, another helpful blog review I found is from WhatLucyLoves and you can read that here.

To review the product with its full ingredient list, go to the Glossier website here, and please do read my review of all the other lovely Glossier products I have tried because they really are great!

I still love you Glossier!

Friday, 16 February 2018

Chinese New Year Nails

Happy Chinese New Year! Today officially marks the start of Chinese New Year.

Before I get into Chinese New Year, I just thought I'd quickly tell you about my little trip to the I scream nails salon in Melbourne whilst I was travelling Australia in 2016 which first inspired these nails.  If you have read my blog before, then you may know that I often to I scream Nail inspired designs as I find they create fun, colourful and exciting nail art, a style I like to think suits me.

I wanted to buy the nail art book that they have, so headed straight to the source to find the place completely empty, and just the owner Celia there all to myself! There is another salon in Sydney which I tired when I was there but it was closed, but I was so happy to get there so I could meet Celia. She was so unbelievably lovely and spoke to me for ages about my travels and our passion for nail art. She gave me a few stickers and nail files to keep me going until I got home to England in the summer. She even showed me the back room and introduced me to the man behind the social media. It was very exciting for me and I was seriously fan girling the whole time. My biggest regret in life will not being brave enough to ask for a selfie with her, but I am still pretty pleased with my picture in their awesome salon.

Visiting the Salon and Celia really got my creative juices flowing, and reading the book I found some inspiration. Walking around Melbourne city the other day, I swatted up on my zodiac knowledge, and found I am the year of the Sheep. Due to the large Asian community in Melbourne, they really go all out with decorations, and I realised this was the perfect opportunity to create the fun, colourful I scream Nails style of nail art I wanted to make

This large inflatable light up dragon in particular made me really want to create something for the Chinese celebration.

From here I went home, got my nail art tool bag out, and just had a play around and created this Chinese dragon.

These would probably be more appropriate for the year of the dragon, but I love the Dragon costumes that people get under and walk around in. They make the dragon look so real so I wanted to incorporate that somehow.

I started with the head, and then just had a play around with colours and continued it down the body.
Similarly to the costumes, I like how I can wiggle my fingers and make it look as though it is moving!

Are you celebrating Chinese New Year? What is your Zodiac sign? I'd love to know!

Until next time!

Monday, 12 February 2018

Valentine's Day Nails 2018

The last time I did Valentines day nails was in 2015 and that is just... not ok.

I haven't had much of my nail art mojo recently so I thought the time of year where we celebrate all things love I should give my little hobby a passion injection.
Once I sit down and get painting, I really enjoy it so I just need to get my juices flowing for creative ideas and remember to set the time aside to do it!

Below are four easy nail art ideas that you can try this Valentines day!

First up are these super cute, subtle heart nails.
These could be worn all year long as they are so understated but I love how simple they are.

I used a pastel pink base called Strawberry Tart, £4.99, Models Own then dotted the hearts from the  Alexa Chung Hearts Polish, £15, Boots in the base of the nail to give them a love lift.

Next are some rally lary in your face love nails.
I used a gold and pink glitter as a base which I kind of regret now as I feel a flat colour would have lifted the red better.

But oh well! These cartoon nails are super fun and bright.

Next is a neon sign effect nail design which reminds me a bit of a naughty Motel sign maybe to be used for a night of passion rather than love!

This is actually a really easy nail design to do. You just need a black base and then a white nail art striper to do the lettering. You then messily dab on a neon pink polish, I used Bubblegum, £4.99, Models Own and then go over the lettering again with the white to define it.

Finally is a Valentines glamour look which I used using the red glitter powder called 'Big Top' from my Ciate Mini Mani Month advent colour.

This deep red glitter as a tinge of pink and is super glittery and dazzling. If you love glitter, I would highly recommend getting a powder glitter as they tend to be finer and just look so much better!!

So there you have four easy nail art design to get you through this Valentines date night!
Let me know which ones are your fave!

For previous Valentines Day nail art click here

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Glossier Skincare and Makeup Review

If you are into your beauty and you haven't heard of Glossier, then you must have been living under a rock which has no access to any beauty news whatsoever. New York based company Glossier is a beauty brand made by Emily Weiss founder and CEO at online beauty publication Into The Gloss.

The biggest thing to happen to UK Glossier fans in 2017 was the news that the brand would finally be shipped to the UK and it was huge! As a bit of a sucker for a craze, I was right on board as the desirable millennial pink packaging and endless positive reviews made it very hard for me to avoid.

The products are not high street prices but still affordable, and the general mantra of the brand is 'skin first, makeup second'. The products are mainly skincare and body care based, but they have a few little makeup bits that give you the 'no make up makeup' look, with rumours of a new makeup product which was debuted on Beyonce for the 2018 Grammys.

When I think of Glossier , I think dewy, healthy, universal and minimal.

So with out further ado, here is my Glossier haul and my thoughts on each product.

As you would with your routine, I am going to be starting with basic skincare which includes the cult favourite Milky Jelly Cleanser, £15, glossier.com and Priming Moisturizer, £18, glossier.com.

I actually bought this in the Skin Essentials Starter Pack, £35, glossier.com which includes this duo as well as the Balm Dot Com, £10, glossier.com which gives you a saving of £8.

Although the milky jelly cleanser is an absolute hero product in the beauty world, this was probably the product I was most apprehensive to try. As I have drier skin, I find gel like cleansers always leave my skin feeling a little parched and give me that tight face feeling afterwards.

The smell and consistency remind me of the Ren Gel Rose cleanser I have used in the past, except Glossier have replaced one quarter of this products water content with soothing rosewater and boy, you can tell!
I remember being told that rose is good for redness due to it's soothing properties, and this cleanser is so gentle it can even be used around the eyes to remove stubborn eye makeup.

I have only been using this cleanser for a couple of weeks but I really love it and I can see why it has  it's hero product status. It removes makeup with no problems and it's oily/gel feel leaves my skin feeling nourished but not too balmy like some cleansers do.

The latter part to my skincare routine has been taken up by this moisturiser, which aims to be a build-able perfect makeup base. I can definitely vouch for the priming  aspect, as the cream sinks in and leaves the skin feeling as though it has been primed with a separate product. 
This moistuiser says it will blur imperfections and reduce redness so it leaves you needing minimal makeup to cover it up.

Whilst I haven't been confident enough to go completely makeup free, I hope with continued use it will leave me with the perfect canvas! There is a Glossier skin tint which I am yet to try which is a lightweight tinted skin product that goes on seamlessly after this moisturiser so hopefully I will give that a try next!

Finally from the skincare starter pack, is the balm dot com which has been my skin saviour this winter. This multipurpose balm can be used in just about any way you please. For me, this has been my standard lip balm which has healed sore cracked lips in a day, but the typical 'Glossier Girl' would use this on the eyelids and as a dewy highlighter to give that ultimate hydrated look.

The balm dot com comes in a number of flavours and tints, including the highly  popular 'birthday' shade which has a glittery packaging and a subtle shimmer. I went for the original as I always like to start with the basic core products when I start playing with a new brand.

Next is makeup, and again I went for the Makeup Set: Phase 2, £35, glossier.com which allows you to build your makeup kit according to you complexion. The kit contains - yes another cult icon - Boy Brow, £14, glossier.com , Stretch Concealer, £15, glossier.com and Generation G Sheer Matte Goodness, £14, glossier.com. 

Again, another product I was apprehensive to try was the stretch concealer, and this was purely down to the name of the product. I often use a concealer under my eyes to cover dark circles, but the name 'stretch' made me think it would be quite a dry formula which I'd have to drag across my skin and give me life-long wrinkles.

However this product is quite the opposite, and I'd probably go as far to say that this is my favourite Glossier product of the lot I have tried. This concealer melts into the skin and has great coverage but with no lines or any evidence that there was even product there. Whilst some concealers can dry and make the blemished area look a little worse, this is like a second skin and glides on like an oil making it one of my all time favourite concealers.

I am shade light which matches my complexion to a tee.

Next is probably my close second favourite product from Glossier, and this is Boy Brow. Again, there has been so much hype around this product and I honestly thought that there was only so much a product could do for your brows, so I bought this with the thought that this would be over-hyped.

Once again, Glossier proved me completely wrong because this brow gel does unreal things to my brows. The name couldn't be more apt, as the final result of this product is boys brows. I'm talking big, bold slightly unruly Cara Delevigne brows and I totally love the final effect.

I love to fill in my brows and then use this to brush up the hairs and add the va-va-voom. A few people have actually commented and said "wow your brows are a little wild", but I actually really love the look, and think the bolder the brow the better.

Lastly from the set, is the generation G sheer balm in the shade 'crush', and this is a vibrant pinky/ berry colour that adds an almost natural looking tint to the lips. It is really balmy and comfortable to wear and I love it for just a day to day natural but kind of made an effort look.

Laslty from my makeup collection, is Cloud Paint, £15, glossier.com, a dewy cheek colour which adds a natural touch of colour to the skin. I wen for the shade puff which may be a little too pink for my complexion, but I love using this on bare skin to warm up the face, and I also use it as a tinted lip colour. 

What I love about Glossier is that it has no rules. You can use what you want, where you want and it adds to the busy NYC cool girl chic that the brand represent.

Last but my no means least is the fragrance Glossier You, £45, glossier.com which I heard so many good things about I couldn't resist popping it in my shopping cart at the end of my *very* luxurious spree.

What drew me to the fragrance was the comparison to Molecule 01 which I have written about before, and would say is one of my favourite perfumes. Like the molecule perfume, it is meant to smell different on everyone and therefore becoming, 'You'... get the name now? Musk, Ambrox and Ambrette are the main notes, which are very similar to the molecule fragrances, but it smells more powdery and 'prettier', which is added by the pink pepper and iris root. 

It wasn't the smell I was expecting from Glossier but it is really lovely!

My only problems with this fragrance is the size, as for some reason I thought this would be a lot bigger and also it isn't hugely long lasting. I would say this lasts for about 4 hours and then is gone.

Considering they are not a fragrance brand though, this is really pretty and I am definitely a huge fan.

I have only scratched the surface with Glossier, but I am really excited to try more.
I have also recently added the Body Hero shower gel and body cream to my daily routine as well as the hugely exciting 'Solution' which recently launched, which promises to give you bare faced skin excellence in just 4 weeks! I will be testing the results of those products and be back to report so make sure you don't miss out!

Am I am Glossier babe yet?

Sunday, 14 January 2018

December 2017 Favourites

First off, welcome to my first post of 2018! We are nearly half way through January 2018 and that is just mad to me!
Whilst I have lots of fun new and exciting posts coming up and things I want to try, I can't neglect the wonderful little happenings that were my December favourites.
 I will probably do a little post on some of the bits I got for Christmas too, so if you thought the festivities were over in January hop over here to relive the Christmas time.

Probably my most favourite item of December was my Ciate Advent Calender, £50, ciatelondon.com which my generous mum got for me! My youngest sister, Tanya Burr superfan Sophia got Tanya's 12 Sweet Days Beauty Calendar, £20, Boots and my vegan sister Charlotte was treated to the Lush 12 Days of Christmas, £67.50, Lush calendar. Although these differ in price, can I just say that these calendars suited each of us down to a tee so the fact she spent more on one of us than the other doesn't mean anything as we were all so chuffed, although as the clear middle favourite I'm just happy not to be last. I'M JOKING.

My 24 day calendar included 21 STUNNING nail colours, a nail treatment, gel top coat and a sparkly nail file. I will do a full post on this advent calendar complete with swatches of each colour because I can only do it it's full justice in one dedicated post which I will link back in this post so keep an eye out for that!

My next favourite item was the Beauty Pie Pro-Glow Superstrobing Drops, £4.18 (members price), beautypie.com. These drops give the perfect dewy highlight that made me feel like a Christmas angel.

These drops are 100% my favourite highlighting product I have ever used. They completely transform my complexion and make my skin look flawless. If I could hazard a guess, I'd say they were created in the same factory as the famous Custom Cover Drops by Cover FX which come in at £34.00. If you don't know about Beauty Pie or why I have written that previous sentence or why I have written "membership price", then go to this post where I explain how Beauty Pie works and why it is so amazing!

Another Beauty Pie product I have been loving in December is the Great Skin Foundation, £6.02 (membership price), beautypie.com which I didn't get on too well with at first. I don't know whether my skin was just not its best when I first tried this but recently I have been using this as my everyday foundation and I have really loved the final look! The coverage isn't full, but it covers just about every blemish I need too with feeling heavy and evens my skin tone.

In my previous post I talked about how much I love a lip kit that comes with the matching liner and this MAC Duo, £29.50, maccosmetics.co.uk was the perfect kit for the December time.

With the matte colour 'Diva' and liner 'Burgandy', this was a winning berry lip colour for me throughout December. I was recommended this colour when I had my makeup done at MAC Fenwick Tunbridge Wells ahead of the Royal Variety show, and I am so glad I purchased this as it has been so perfect for the Christmas time of year.

At the end of the day when removing all my makeup, my favourite cleanser has been the Sumptuous Camomile Cleansing Butter, £10, The Body Shop. This balm cleanser is so gentle on skin, and really soothed my eyelids when they flared up in December. They were really dry and itchy but the calming chamomile in this cleanser put them back to normal within a few day.s, and it removes every scrap of makeup.

For a pamper session, I loved this Snowfairy Jelly Bomb, £4.95, Lush which I believe they are not stocking anymore as it is a Christmas exclusive, but I was given this at a bloggers event and waited for the perfect evening to indulge, and it was a much better experience than the one I had with the dark arts jelly bomb which you can read about here. The jello bombs leave a thick jelly like layer on the top of the bath moisturising the skin, and generally giving you a fun old bath time. Snow Fairy is a very sweet, very girly collection and it left my bath bright pink.

I also really loved the Naked Lip Scrub, £5.95, Lush as my lips get very dry in the winter and lipstick doesn't go on very well to dry chapped lips, especially matte formulas such as the Diva lipstick mentioned above. I much prefer the new Lush lip scrub formula of it being in a solid balm as I found the sugar in the pots went everywhere and tended to waste a lot of product. These balms allow you to apply directly onto the lip so moisturises as it goes without being too abbrasive and it also saves on packaging which is good for the environment. Yey!

Thanks for reading my December favourites, and as always if there are any products you loved this past month that you think I should try please do suggest them! Be sure to come back and read my new exciting posts coming soon!

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Cheryl X L'Oreal Matte Lip Kits

I am a sucker for a good lip kit. The idea of having a lipstick with the perfect matching lip liner all packaged up together in one little neat box makes me really happy, and whilst that may be quite sad, I reckon there a lot of people out there who feel the same.

Way back in October, I saw Cheryl Tweedy Fernandez Cole Payne had collaborated with L'Oreal to create three lip kits, and I was very excited to give them a try. Although I'm not a huge lover of Cheryl herself, I do like L'Oreal products and think they are starting to become a more luxurious drug store brand.

The packaging of the kits are very reminiscent of the lip kits from a certain reality star from the K Klan, and whilst they're one coloured dribble away from being the exact same, I do think they look really lovely with the metallic swipes.

Looking at the colours, I thought Burgundy would be a sure win, Greige would be a beautiful alternative winter colour, and the peach colour would be too light for my fair skin giving me the good old foundation lips look.
With the fabulous Boots 3 for 2 offer though, I thought I may as well pick all three up so I could try the whole collection. At £10 each, I think six lip products for £20 isn't half bad!

As it is the berry lip season, we will start with the Burgundy kit.

Packaging wise, it is fair to say this collection is very instagrammable. The actual lip wand is a curved shape so it slides against the actual shape of the lip making application easy.

Swatching the colours on my skin alarmed me slightly as the colours seemed a lot browner than I imagined. The lip pencil itself was basically a rusty blood colour which I wasn't expecting.

The first time I wore this kit, I used the liner around the edge of my lip as you would! The lip colour was completely gone within an hour, and I went back and read that you need to use the liner as a base to the lip colour which I think is a little annoying.

Matte lipstick in general are meant to be long wearing and almost a little too hard to remove. They actually don't dry very matte at all and still remain fairly shiny. The fact these colours need the liner as the base would make me say these cannot be classified as a matte lip paint.

As you can see from the images the liner is a little bit smudgy. These liners are a cream formula which are always a little harder to get precise, so the final look is not very sharp.

Verdict: I would say this isn't really a burgundy colour and more of a black cherry. Both products are  called 'Stripped Brown' (a Liam Payne reference perhaps), so this is obviously meant to be more brown toned which is a bit unusual as it is branded as a burgundy lip kit?! As this was the colour Cheryl designed and customised herself, I have to say I was a little disappointed. Perhaps on darker skin tones the red comes out a little more, but on me  it is a little too deep. 

I don't think I found my Autumnal deep red lip here!

Let's see if Greige can save the day!

On my first overall observation, I have to say this is a very unusual colour. I absolutely love a bold statement lip, but I still don't know if I actually like this or not. One thing  I can definitely say is that it is intriguing.

Swatched on the hand it looked a lot more pinky than I imagined, with the liner being slightly cooler. Both the products are called 'nude-ist' which I think is a little odd as they are certainly not like any other nude I have ever seen!

This is also a perfect point to mention that the end of my liner for the Greige kit was a little smushed, and whilst this would never usually be a problem, these are plastic applicators with no spin up so you can't sharpen these liners which is really really annoying! Once the tiny little tips are gone on these, that is the whole liner redundant. I only managed to get two wears out of this lip kit because of this, so I have to say that was a little disappointing.

So what does the combo look like on? Well, like I said, I still don't know if I like it or not. It is very cool toned and I feel lit makes me look like I'm halfway to a goth, but there is something I do like about it. The colour really is like nothing I have ever seen on the market, and I think on the right person this would look absolutely stunning (like Cheryl obvs).

Verdict: I still have no idea!

So finally is the peach lip kit, and as I said earlier, I really thought this kit wouldn't suit my skin tone.

The peach liner called 'Gone with the Nude' looks a little too orange for me however the lip colour, 'Babe-in' was slightly cooler toned. I find it a little unusual how the products in this lip kit are called different names and in the others they are the same, but that is just a little observation.

When on, I actually really loved this colour and would probably say it is my favourite of the three.  My only irk with it is that it is a very thin formula, and as you can see from these pictures it is a little streaky and not full coverage.

Verdict: Although it is the safest colour from the collection, this one has to be a win from me!

My final opinion on the collection has to be a little over rated if I'm honest. I am disappointed at the level of quality from L'Oreal products, and feel they could have done a lot better all around. I think maybe too much has gone into showcasing Cheryl as the face of the collection and not enough has gone into the actual quality of the products. Although £10 a kit isn't bad, I felt that labelling these as matte kits is very wrong as none of these had a matte finish at all.
One good aspect of Cheryl facing the collection is that some proceeds go to the charity she supports, the Princes Trust.

In conclusion, I would say donate some money to the charity alone and treat yourself to Kylie's kits instead.