Tuesday, 21 March 2017

National Fragrance Day 2017

As you may or may not know, today is national fragrance today!
If you've read this blog for a while then you may have seen that I really struggle to describe fragrances, but seeing as I've been working part time selling fragrance, I've started to pick up a bit of the lingo and thought I'd put it to practice.

Working in a fragrance department means I get to try lots of different perfumes on a day to day basis and wear ones that are well and truly out of my price range! I'm going to try and feature more fragrances within my blog, so keep a look out for that. For now though, I thought I'd show you my current three fragrances I've been loving at the moment.

First up, and probably my absolute fragrance of the moment is from a super cool fashion brand. 'This Is Her!' 100ml, £70, Zadig & Voltaire Is the female version to 'This is Him!' keeping things nice and simple.
The packaging is so cool, and the 2 bottles are designed to slot together so you can be absolute #couplegoals with matching fragrances.
I find this fragrance absolutely addictive, it smells warm and sexy and it's a beautiful evening fragrance. The vanilla and chestnut make an amazing combination, and sandalwood is one of my favorite ingredients which is the base to this fragrance. The fragrance suits the hip fashionista girl the brand embodies.

Next up is Fleur Musc 100ml, £80,Narcisco Rodriguez which you've probably seen advertised and posted on my Instagram. You cannot miss the gorgeous pink bottle and if I'm honest the bottle is one of the reasons I love this fragrance.
'Fleur Musc' is a modern alternative to floral fragrances. I personally don't like floral fragrances very much, but the pink pepper and amber mixed with rose, peony and patchouli really spices this up, and the musk makes it a really sophisticated.

I went on some training for all these fragrances a few weeks ago so got to learn about the stories behind each brand, and the story for Annick Goutal really is like a romantic and tragic novel.
Annick Goutal was a pianist, model, antique collector and all round lovely woman. Inspired by love, her daughter Camile, and her general love of the world. Annick created a huge collection of fragrances however unfortunately became sick and died too young. Thankfully her daughter has carried on her mother's passion for fragrance and continued to make perfumes.

Tenue de Soiree 100ml, £117, Annick Goutal is the latest fragrance from the brand, and also the first in the newly designed bottles which differ to the very antique bottles you'd usually recognise from Annick Goutal. The addition of the little pom pom adds a new spin, making it slightly younger and more playful. Tenue de Soiree translates to "evening dress" and it is meant to replicate the smell of a young girl getting ready for a party in the early evening. The fragrance contains Iris making it powdery but not too sweet. Patchouli also comes through making it a really wearable and young which is what the fragrance tries to be.

As I said before, look out for more fragrance posts especially on the run up to summer where I'll show you some of my favourite summer scents!
Hope you enjoyed!

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Current Makeup Routine

Since I started blogging, I have often found it the perfect excuse to go out and buy new beauty products, such as that new mascara just launched, or the new favourite foundation. I never really stick to one thing unless it is super special, which means my skincare, makeup and hair routine can change on a monthly basis.

Today I thought I'd do an updated makeup routine, as I have lots of products I realised I hadn't talked about. This is my makeup routine for what I would wear day to day so there it is mainly base as I only do minimal eyes during the day. So without further ado, here is my current makeup routine.


Firstly, I have been using this Photo Ready Primer, £7.95, Revlon which got a lot of hype when it launched. If I'm completely honest, I am not in love with it. I like primers to give me that really siliconey feel, like your skin is really smooth and this one just sinks in like a moisturiser almost. This may seem like a weird thing to dislike, as silicones in products aren't actually great for your skin, but I find it makes your makeup last much longer however I will persevere with it until it is finished.

Colour Correcting

If you read my post about the beginning of the new year about my bad skin, then you will have seen that although my spots have basically gone, I am still left with quite noticeable scars which can be really red. Due to this, I have started colour correcting so I don't have to use as much concealer when doing my makeup. The colour best suited for this is green, as the colour neutralises any red and evens out the skin tone.

I also use the yellowy tone on my under eyes if I am looking particularly tired that day!

Other than that, I don't really use any other colours so if you're thinking about investing in some colour correcters, I would suggest maybe buying a singular colour rather than a palette as some tones work for darker skins which I obviously don't have so the palette is slightly wasted. Otherwise, this Colour Correcting Palette, £10.50 NYX has a nice creamy consistency, and it rubs well into the skin and covers easily.


Moving on from that, I bought the Sheer Glow foundation, £32, NARS about 10 months ago now and it is only just running out. Having said that, when I first got it I wasn't really reaching for it as my go to foundation. There were a few reasons for this, firstly, the shade I was matched too was the palest shade which is 'Mont Blanc' and I had just come back from travelling and was sporting a fairly good tan so it just didn't look right on me at all. Secondly, I found that this just slid off my face, even with powder and primer, I would lightly brush my face and all my foundation would come off.

I think maybe this was first ever 'glowy' foundation whereas before I have always gone for matte finish which stays put all day long.

I have no idea what changed, but now I'm coming to the end of it, I find it has been perfect for me recently, with good medium coverage, and the perfect dewy finish. I will be sad when this fully runs out!

I have also been using the Expert Face Brush, £9.99, Real Techniques to apply my foundation, which has been dreamy, and I couldn't live without this brush now. The product absorption is minimal, and I find I only get slightly streaky marks with it when it REALLY needs a wash so that would be entirely down to me.


I love a good concealer, and I think this Naked Skin Concealer, £19, Urban Decay may be my new all time favourite. I used to love the Wake Me Up Concealer, £5.49, Rimmel, but this is really thick and the coverage is so so amazing.
It took me ages to get it because this shade is the most popular, so in the end I had to order online which meant I got a little sample of the foundation which I look forward to trying (new NARS replacement??)

As I said, the coverage on this is so good and it really brightens up my face each day.


I have always been scared of contouring because I find it can go so wrong so easily, and for a while I was using an bronzer to contour which is such a faux pas as the tone is way too orange and doesn't look natural. I needed quite a neutral brown shadow tone, and this Hoola Bronzer, £24.50, Benefit is the perfect shade for that on my pale skin.

Not only this, but the little rectangular shaped brush makes application so easy under the cheekbones, so I use this as the guide and then diffuse slightly with an angled brush afterwards.

I don't know where this brush is from as my little sister got it for me for Christmas (bless her) but an angled brush is great for this blurring and also blusher application.


I have mentioned this Blusher, £32, Hourglass a couple of times now, but I really think it is so beautiful and the shade works really well on my skin tone. I only use a small bit on the apples on my cheeks but it really brightens up my face which is much needed on these chilly British days we've been having.


I have also mentioned this Strobe Powder, £34, Hourglass before, but since that post I recently purchased this Fanned Brush, £11, The Body Shop to apply it and it has been a game changer. The brush perfectly distributes just enough product to give a really light natural highlight, and I love the effect it gives.


To set makeup, I have been using this Finishing Powder £9, NYX. It is a loose powder which aims to blur and make skin look photogenic. Personally, I don't think it is the best powder out there, and I find loose powder end up going everywhere and hard to travel with. This does leave a nice finish, but again, I probably wouldn't buy it again as I have tried better powders out there.


Again, this Arch Brow Pencil, £29, Hourglass has been mentioned before in the Hourglass post I did, but I still really love the colour and applicator to this brow tool. As well as this, I have also been trying this sample of the new Gimme Brow, £18, Benefit and find it gives you that messy brow that is becoming quite fashionable. It adds really nice texture and defines each individual hair.


This Full Exposure Mascara, £19.50, Smashbox is soooooo good! It makes my lashes look so thick and really full. While it is not so lengthening, it really opens the eye ares and is just a really nice mascara. No wonder it is a Smashbox best seller.

Liquid Liner

Now one of most read posts is on the Grandiose Eye Liner, £23, Lancome so if you want to read a more in depth post then take a look at that here. I don't wear liquid liner everyday but if I do, then this is my absoulte favourite eyeliner and honestly, I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to another one. The bendy lid makes application so easy, and once it has dried, it does not budge. My only criticism of this product is that they can dry out quite quickly which makes applying it quite hard, but when it is really liquidy, it makes eyeliner an absolute breeze.


Finally I have fallen back in love with lipstick and liner combo I used for my Kylie Jenner Lips post way back in 2014! Both myself and Kylie have changed A LOT since way back then as you'll see, including the size of her pout yet again!

The secret is pretty much out that Kylie used MAC 'Velvet Teddy' for her perfect nude, before she started creating her Lip Kits, but I saw this as an alternative for paler skin somewhere on the internet way back when, and I love this lipstick so so much. For me, 'Brave' Lipstick, £16.50, MAC is the perfect natural lip colour, and whereas before I often though lip liner was just a fad, I am loving using my 'Soar' Lip Liner, £13, MAC again just to add depth to the colour and really get a sharp outline on the lip.

And that is it! My everyday makeup routine.
Let me know if you have any alternatives for products I have mentioned I'm low on or haven't loved that much, and I always love to hear recommendations of new things to try as well.

Hope you enjoyed.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Strawberry Nails 2.0

Did you know that today is National Strawberry day? Well it is!
So I thought what better way to celebrate than with some Strawberry nail art that also ties in with #manicuremonday.

If you've read my blog for a long time (and I mean really long time) then you'll know that my first ever nail art was strawberries.

The day I did these nails, I had no idea what was to come for me in terms of my nail hobby.

As I'd done strawberries, I never thought to do them again as I hate doing the same design twice, but as I'd like to think I have vastly improved from way back then, I thought what better to way to celebrate national strawberry day than with a recreation.

I'll probably recreate a few designs I did from years ago, as I started with the most fun and easy to do so it would be nice to do them again.

I really love these nails as they're so simple.
I used my Seche red colour for the base in the shade "Scorchin' Hot" which is such a fabulous red,
and then I used nail art pens for detailing.

For more fruity nails I've done click here

Monday, 6 February 2017

What I Got For My Birthday 2017

Hi everyone! I cannot believe it is February 2017 already! The beginning to my year has been a bit of a blur however my 26th Birthday falls in January so that always makes things a little brighter (would have loved a mid year birthday though, Thanks Mum and Dad).

I am usually a bit of an ambiguous person when it comes to gifts, and usually let people buy me what they want, however this year there was some stuff I really wanted so actually made a list which I haven't done in years. For some reason I feel like it's rude and a bit presumptuous to make a list, but I know whenever I go to buy presents, I would love the person to just tell me what they want.
Makin a list however, meant I got some really lovely gifts, and I thought I'd show you them as they're quite fitting with my blog because I am a proper beauty junkie and will never have enough products. Ever.

So first up is the Molecule fragrance 01, and I absoluetly love this. It has become huge that I am sure you have probably heard of it. If you haven't however, this fragrance is designed to blemd in with your natural scent. So you know when you go to a friends house or borrow their clothes, it alsways has that distinct 'them' smell. Well this blends with that, so this fragrance will never smell the same on anyone.

As for the smell, we all now I have a terrible track record of trying to describe smells, but this is quite musty and woody and whenever I smell it on someone, I always go out of my way to compliment them because it is such a good conversation starter.

They say because it mixes with your own scent that you can't smell, that the molecule is quite week, and to layer it with the matching 'Escentric' fragrance, however I can smell the 01 on me perfectly and I love it so much.

There is also a 02, 03, and they will shortly be bringing out the 04 which I am beyond excited to smell.


Next is such a beautiful present I could have cried when I opened it.
So a little back story... when I went travelling with my boyfriend last year, we did indeed stop in Byron Bay, the momst chilled and wonderful place in Australia. On leaving, I discovered a nail varnish brand that is made in Byron Bay which has the most gorgeous drift wood like lids, and it's a really cool sustainable brand.

Fast forward a year on, and my lovely boyfriend ordered some of the polishes all the way from Australia for my birthday, along with a few extras.

The whole idea behind this brand just makes me smile, and the nail varnish remover is made from soy so is completely chemical scent free. The nail file is really gentle and the poilishes are to die for, I'm just gutted I can't buy more!

The colour my boyfriend got me is called 'Gypsy' and to me, it just sums up Byron Bay in a colour. The teal glittery colour takes me back to my first surf lesson in Byron, and just looking at it makes me so happy.
The blue base coat is sticky so the polish stays on for longer, and he also got me a top coat and a cuticle oil.


I can always rely on my Beauty retail girls to pull gifts out the bag, and my best bud Sophie spoiled me as per usual!

Just opening the classic maroon and rose gold box, I knew it could only mean one thing... Charlotte Tilbury.
Now I haven't actually tried any Charlotte Tilbury makeup, and as my best friend is my number one fan, she had seen it had never featured on my blog so I obviously needed to try some!

The main event is yet to come but the lovely luxury size samples that went in are so exciting, and a really indulgent addition to the gift!

My friend got me the Dolce Vita eye palette, as she thought the colours would suit me (n'aw)

This palette is BEAUTIFUL and I had a hard time bringing myself to use it as it is perfection.

The look can be worn casually using the two top colours, or if you want to go full on Penelope Cruz Dulce Vita Charlotte suggests amping up the drama and using all four colours.
I watched this YouTube tutorial to see how Charlotte does it herself.


Another bit of makeup I recieved was this Mac Lipstick from my sisters in the shade 'Ruby Woo'. I am an absolute sucker for a red lip and actually have a few red ones from Mac, however this is the colour that always wins awards, and it is more of a blue toned red which goes well with fairer skin.

It's a matte finish and I love it.
Another gift from my scrumptious little sisters is my L'Occitane Almond shower oil.

I think I have talked about this brand before but this oil smells divine, and as a marzipan lover, I could bask in it all day long.

The oil formula means it is super hydrating  and goes onto the skin in this form, however once mixed with water it turns into a really light cream, and a little goes a long way. It means you don't have to moisturise after the shower, because all that moisture is locked in already.

Finally, you may have noticed some little additions in the back of my pictures, and in true blogger style I have a little trio of succulents. My boyfriend also got these from me, and they're from a little place in Soho called 'Barry the Cactus', and I just love the concrete pots they come in.

Expect to see a lot of them in Instagram posts in the future.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Deciem - The Ordinary

Hello everyone!

Today's post is one I'm a little apprehensive to post as it is going to feature some pictures of my skin at the end of last year when it was the worst it has ever been, so please be nice or I'll cry!
If you saw my 2017 New Years Resolution post then you would have seen the first thing I wanted to do was sort out my skin. I was so self conscious about it, and even though now it is is not half as bad as it was, it still makes me feel a little vulnerable putting up pictures when it was at its worst.

That being said, I am going to be showing the products that transformed my acne skin back to being way more manageable and that is exciting, so I hope you enjoy this post and it helps you if you are having skin issues and feeling a little low too.

So I'll just go right ahead and show you my skin before.

I know I look miserable and my hair is a mess but I felt so ugly with bad skin, it just made me want to give up on everything else. Although I didn't have lots of spots, the ones I had were huge, painful and impossible to cover up. I was getting them a lot on my cheeks too, which is such an obvious place and I felt so so down about it.

I did a lot of research about face mapping and how to decipher what was making my skin so bad and improve it. Cheeks for example can be down to having a dirty phone which rests against your face a lot of the time, so I was cleaning my phone more regularly, and trying to drink more water. I do believe you should listen to your skin, as it is a good indication of what is going on inside your body. However when you read things like 'stress can make you break out' that is a little harder to control.

I stripped back all my skincare to basics, with just a cleanser and moisturiser which I know had worked for me in the past, however it still wasn't clearing so I decided to take matters into my own hands and try a new brand I had heard so much about.

Enter Deciem, and in particular the Ordinary range.

I had read so much about this range, as it provides top notch skincare but at a quarter of the high street price and is sold at cost price. This sounded perfect as I did't want to splash out on a product that I wasn't sure would work for me.

I had a scan of the The Ordinary range and read every single description of what each product did.
It is also worth mentioning that I purchased my products from victoriahealth.com and Gill who runs the site puts out a newsletter each month which is so so helpful so shes is worth subscribing to because she wrote some amazing stuff about The Ordinary which was really insightful.

They sell lots of different strengths of retinoids at a really low price, and they are great for acne, however my skin is very sensitive and although my spots were bad, I didn't think they were acne worthy. After a long think, I decided that the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% was the treatment I needed to sort my spots. It reduces congestion and the appearance of blemishes and can be used as an acne treatment. For just £5, I put it in my shopping basket and then looked for the Pure Rosehip Oil. I knew they sold this and for the very lovely price of just £9. Organic rosehip oil can be as much as £40 because the process of creating it is so delicate and slow. How they can justify this price tag I don't know, but rose hip oil is great at targetting redness as well as reducing scarring, and as I am someone that can't leave my spots alone, I do tend to have a lot of scarring.

When they arrived, I was so excited and started using them straight away.
The first thing I should say is that I love the packaging. It is clean and simple, and I think it looks really professional.

I use the Niacinamide every morning in replacement of my serum as it soaks into the skin and allows me to put my moisturiser on top.
I will admit that the consistency of this product is really strange! when it first goes onto the skin it almost goes a little foamy, but once it is rubbed in it soaks in and leaves a dry sort of residue.

After just a couple days of use I could see it improving my skin, and I was so happy. The only thing I would say is that it does dry my skin out a bit but that is expected of treatments designed to look after spots, so I have upped my moisturiser to a super quenching one and it is absolutely fine now.

Combating the dryness is the Rose Hip oil as well, I use this at night as it is a bit unsual walking around with a thick layer of oil on your face in the day. It is so hydrating and it is slowly but surely reducing my red scars and blemishes. I also love that they have dark glass to preserve the oil as sunlight can ruin oils like this. As I said before, this product can be so expensive so I love using this little slice of luxury for the small amount of money I paid for it.

So how is my skin now?

Well it is far from perfect and you can see my scars are going to need longer to heal, but as for the spots, they may look raised in pictures but I can assure you my skin is even, and smooth. The redness can be easily covered by makeup and it is something that takes a while to heal so I am not worried about that.

I am so happy with the results of these products in just a short space of time. I've been using these products for about four weeks now and the results are amazing.

If you are having problems with your skin and you don't want to break the bank, the The Ordinary is the way forward. They are also launching so many new products so keep an eye out!