Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Emma Hardie Cleanser

I'm going to go right out there and say it... but this is my favourite cleanser I think I have ever tried. Usually when a product is coming to the end, I am always thinking what I can try next, and this little sample size of Emma Hardie's Moringa Cleansing balm, has just not been around long enough for me.

Up until very recently, the idea of a cleansing balm made me sick to my stomach. A waxy oily balm all over my face and eyes sounded vile to me. Since trying a cleansing balm, I am now an addict, and would say it is my favourite consistency of cleanser. I like having the soft balmy feel afterwards, and I like feeling like every scrap of my makeup has been removed.

This Emma Hardie cleanser is said to rival the number one cleansing balm by Eve Lom, (small review at the end of this post here) which Vogue has said is the best cleanser in the world. I'm not one to argue with a top fashion magazine, but I think this just maybe better.

I do love the Eve Lom cleanser, but my only problem with it, is the clinical smell it has. It is also quite pricey at £55.00 for 100ml. Emma Hardie's cleanser is only £36.00 for the same amount, and this balm is made from all natural ingredients, and that really reflects in the beautiful smell it has. It's main ingredients are Grape, Almond, Orange and Bergamot. I smells almost like Neroli, the orange flower, which is undoubtedly my favourite smell at the moment. It melts on the skin and sweeps away all traces of makeup. 

The other winning counterpart to this product for me are the cloths. The full size cleanser comes with a cloth, or you can buy three in a pack like I have done. You can see the packaging of the products as well from the picture.

Emma Hardie has created this dual sided cloth, as the muslin material is traditional for cleansing balms, and is great at removing stubborn eye makeup. However on the other side is a micro fibre flannel, which goes deep down into the pores to really remove all grime, and give the skin a good polish. It is gentle enough to be used everyday, and you really see every trace of makeup come of on the cloth. It can also be run under a tap to remove the grime, and the cloth looks basically clean again. Obviously after a while they do need a quick go in the wash, but they are a good size and take a lot of usage before it needs to be washed.

The Emma Hardie 'way' of cleansing is not to scrub at your face, but to gently sweep down the natural lines in your face, so down each cheekbone, down the nose, and just general downward motions to really give yourself a mini facial.

The combination of this cloth and the lovely smooth balm makes me look forward to my evening cleanse. The balm can also be used as a mask for 10 mins, but I didn't have enough in my little sample size to try it! She also has a foaming face wash cleanser which is great for people on the go, or for morning cleanses. The two can also be added together to make a mega cleanse mask. I hope to try more products from the Emma Hardie range, so keep your eyes peeled!