Thursday, 14 August 2014

Day 14: Pineapple nails

Hi Guys! It is that time again where I have decided to embark on a nail art challenge to spice up my nail art and make myself try stuff I've been meaning to do! I only saw this the other day so I am coming into it late, but some of the earlier prompts I do want to try so I will be catching up. I have also now booked a holiday at the end of the month too so some of the later ones may not be done on time either, but we will get to that palava when it comes to it!

ANYWAY I shall stop rambling and talk to you about today's prompts, Pineapples. Much like the melon nails I did the other day (which I am totally passing off as the 'Tropical' prompt), there are lots of different patterns out there in the nail art world, but I saw some cute little ones which I took a real liking too.

These didn't come out as well as I wanted them too, but I think you can tell that they're pineapples?! I used nail art brushes which I don't usually do and I must say I find them quite tricky. Nail art pens are good but limited in colours, so when I needed a dark brown for the details and outline, I had to use a brush as I don't think a brown nail art pen would sell all that well!

My other criticism of these nails is the base colour I used. I used a colour club polish which I got in my Birchbox (review coming soon) and I thought it had a deep Mediterranean feel to it, almost like a green sea colour. I do like the colour but I think it may have been a shade too dark for this design.

Anyway, I don't totally hate these nails, and smile when I look down at my fruity little fingers! Let me know what you think :)