Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Day 20: Tribal

Day 20. Tribal Nails. I love tribal nails but don't really do them enough which is something I want to change. I think they are fairly easy to do and you can create a different look every time. For these nails, I went on to Pinterest to get a colour scheme I liked and got them all ready. Unfortunately for me, all the nail art pens I wanted to use have dried up tips so I did all of this with the striper end which was really hard! Therefore, these have not come out as dainty or as neat as I wanted, but when pay day comes I will invest in some new pens and do some crazy amazing ones.

I used an pastel orange base then chose my green, pale pink and hot pink nail art pens for these patterns. I then used my black pen for outlining and detailing. My thumb nail is my favourite by far as it is the most dainty and the look I was trying to achieve. I didn't have a strict pattern at all I just made each nail up as I went along.

I promise I will do some better tribal nails soon!