Tuesday, 9 September 2014

August Birchbox

This Birchbox has got to be one of my favourites, not so much because of products, but just because of the pure genius that went behind it. As you may know, I have just returned (well a week ago) from a holiday in Corfu. I took my little Birchbox with me and I have to say I used everything that was in it which is a first for me. 

What I liked about it was that every single detail was considered with the box. The sizes of the products were aeroplane safe, plus they came in the handy see through bag that made security easy. In the little pamphlet they have inside each month, there was a holiday checklist of things to pack which I found very helpful as I am rubbish at packing. Little things like this are what I think make Birchbox stand out from other subscription boxes. After this box, I think I would genuinely consider looking into a job at Birchbox somewhere just because I think they're such an innovative, creative company.

Cute and re-usable!

Anyway, lets get onto the actual goodies inside the holiday themed box.

Vasanti Face Exfoliator

This rejuvenator has not only got small beads to scrub with, it also has papaya enzymes that slough away at dead skin. The result? Massively improved brightened skin! I really liked this scrub as I could really feel it working on my face. It was quite abbrasive which I don't usually like on my skin as it used to be sensitive, so I'm quite careful with what I put on my skin. This scrub is gentle enough for me though, but I wouldn't recommend using it every day. It is a once a week kind of scrub and reminds me slightly of the Ren '1 Minute Facial' in terms of its soft scrub consistency. It had a very fruity holiday smell which I loved so this product was a winner for me.

Number 4 Leave in Conditioner

This is a product I used religiously every day on holiday. After a day of chlorine and salty sea water, my thick hair is an absolute nightmare. After washing my hair, I used this every night to help detangle my hair, but it also protects the hair for the next day as it has UV protection in it as well. I used a number of things in my hair this holiday which I will review in full later on, but I can certainly say that my hair was in the best condition it could have been in after all the abuse it got for a week. I have always been a bit dubious about leave in conditioners, as I don't want them to way down my already heavy hair, but as this is a spray on, its impossible to get too much on. My boyfriend also thinks it smells like Sailor Jerry's and coke so that is an added bonus for all us rum lovers out there.

Nude Omega Treatment Oil

I am a big lover of night oils since I started using my Caudalie detox night oil. I think they give the skin a good condition for the next day ahead, and this one was perfect for holiday. With all the Omegas that are packed in, it moisturises the skin and leaves it soothed, a perfect alternative to aftersun. This reminded me a lot of the Ren Omega 3 serum which I have yet to review. I think it smells of peaches although my sister thinks I smell like "a freshly sharpened pencil" when I put this on. Make of that what you will...

SuperGood CC Cream

This was the product I used least on my holiday, just because I am a bit of a pool lover so didn't want this to go to waste on my face in the morning, and the factor was a bit high for the evenings. That said, it gave a really nice look to my skin, and would be ideal for a wander around on a city break or something similar where you wouldn't be in and out of water as much. I tired it on my first day but it just felt a bit thick once I'd been in the pool so stuck to normal sun cream after that.

Wild About Beauty Creme Eyeshadow

This is a paraben free makeup range which always ticks the boxes with me. I also didn't realise until I got back off holiday that Loiuse Redknapp actually created the brand, so that was an interesting little surprise. The actual eyeshadow is a shade called 'Matilda', and is a beautiful shade for a sultry look in the evening, perfect with a bit of a tan. The consistency wasn't as thick as some other cream shadows I've used, and it didn't last as long as some either, but all in all I really like this shadow and have used it to created a number of day to night looks.

You can create a really pretty light shimmer or go for an intense colour which has a more brown finish to it.

The Proposal Chapter 1

This had to be the icing on the cake for me with this Birchbox. What a GREAT idea putting the first chapter of a book in! You could read the book wihout ruining too much for yourself an then if you liked it, buy the full book at the airport. I didn't buy the full book as I already had "Gone Girl" by Gillian Flynn packed in my bag, but I did read the chapter. Personally, romantic novels aren't really my kind of genre, but like I said, the idea was absolutely perfect!

Well Done Birchbox, this one really made me smile :)