Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Alt J Nails

Today I am very excited because I get to see one of my favourite bands tonight. If you haven't heard of Alt J before, then they are quite a kooky band that are quite instrumental and sometimes verge on a bit haunting. Their music is the kind that gets played on car adverts a lot, and if you heard some songs you would probably recognise them. 

They're new album 'This is All Yours' sounds great from what I've heard on spotify, and I am excited to listen to the whole album through. The art work for this album is this:

It is quite a simple piece of art to replicate on a nail, as there is a lot of room for mistakes! I painted my nails white, and then with each colour I wiped away most of the excess paint so I had that thin brush mark look.

I also went back and splatted some bits of white over  a couple of nails like it does in the picture. Once I'd done that, I wrote Alt J with the little signature triangle, so it didn't look like I'd just dropped some nail varnish on my hand.

I realise painting my nails to match a bands artwork on the day I'm going to their gig is extreme fan girling and potentially a little psycho, buuuuuuut its good blog material, and it gives you an insight into my music tastes as well :) 
Here are just a few of my favourite Alt J tunes, new and old for you to enjoy. There new album is out now.