Sunday, 5 October 2014

September Birchbox

The theme for the September Birchbox was 'Happy Days', which I thought was a nice way to get nostalgic on the now faded summer. The box aims to make you collect photos and use your boxes as a innovative photo frame.

The Birchbox added extra was a little crocodile clip photo holder, and I put in a picture of myself and my boyfriend at Benicassim festival in 2012. It was the first festival I had ever been too and I honestly thought life couldn't get any better than that! It doesn't get much better than being at the beach all day in the sun, and then watching some live music with your friends and cheap sangria in the evenings. I have some of my favourite memories from that trip there so felt it appropriate to go in my 'Happy Days' photo holder!

The other random product I got was this 'Urban Fruit' packet of dried mango. I usually love the food I get in Birchbox and I liked the idea of this but I won't lie, they were pretty rank. The taste wasn't so bad but the texture of the fruit pieces reminded me of dead human flesh. Sorry to be graphic, but it was just a bit chewy but still slightly fleshy and once I got the flesh image in my head that was it, the pack went in the bin.

On a lighter note, lets talk about the cosmetics!

Korres Citrus Shower Gel

Funnily enough you may have seen I did a post on a Korres shower gel I got from my holiday, and I raved about how I wanted to try more of the products. Well lo and behold I got this in my box just a few days after my post so it was like fate. I also got the matching citrus body lotion in a box a few months ago, so now I have the perfect body routine which I am absolutely loving. I'm one of these people who has to have the matching pair like the same shampoo and matching conditioner, so having the same shower gel and body lotion in this citrusy scent has made me very happy, as its a really fresh smell and not to zesty.

Agave Hair Oil

I absolutely love a hair oil and this one is no exception! The smell is so lovely and is kind of coconutty. It would be perfect to take on holiday when your hair is slightly frazzled from the sun, but I really love the intensity of this oil, I didn't need to much.

Model Co Lip Gloss

I am usually not a fan of lipglosses as I find them a bit sticky and overly shiny, but I really like this one from Model Co. The colour is really subtle and gives the lips a really pretty natural finish, and the taste is divine! I could eat this stuff it's so fruity! 

Makeup Sponge

I have wanted to try this sponge for ages and Birchbox gave them out a while ago but I didn't receive one and was so gutted! When I opened my box and saw this I was over the moon. These sponges are to be wetted first, and then you apply your makeup with the handy little egg. I must admit going to the bathroom to wet it is a bit annoying in the morning, but I have tried without wetting it and it just doesn't have the same effect. With the sponge damp, it doesn't absorb all the product and it gives a refeshing feel to the skin when applying. It also makes my face feel, and look flawless (I've been told by friends). I have no idea why but by wetting it it goes on so evenly and it makes the rest of my makeup go on seamlessly as well. I really like this sponge its a little wonder addition to my makeup bag.