Monday, 27 October 2014

Halloween Nails: Brains

And so the Halloween countdown begins! I am going to try (TRY!!) and post some Halloween nails everyday this week but don't hold me to that!

First on the list are some Zombie dinner nails: Brains. I thought this was quite fitting as Monday night means the Walking Dead is on, and my sister is a huge fan so I gave her these cartoon style brain nails. They're not very good and I think without the caption you wouldn't know what they were but I guess brains are meant to be messy!

 I used a red base coat then blobbed pink in random shapes. I then outlined in black and added some white to highlight the real juiciness of the brains! I then went back over and blobbed a few more bits of pink.

Keep your eyes peeled for more Halloween designs throughout the week!