Monday, 13 October 2014

Saran Wrap/Tortoise Shell Nails

I am going to put it out there right now and say that these are not the best nails I've ever done. The reason I am putting them up though, is because I've used a technique I've not used before, and if any of you have any suggestions as to how to improve them, then it would be warmly accepted. I also upload them, so if I do them in the future, then I can see if, and how much I  improve the technique.

I got the inspiration for these nails from an old scratch magazine. Tortoise shell is such a cool pattern, and the colours are perfect for this autumnal time of year.

In all fairness, I think these are nail wraps used on the front cover, and if I'm honest, I haven't seen many- if not any at all- freehand Tortoise Shell designs that have looked perfect. There are a few tutorials on YouTube that look much better than mine, but I decided to use the Saran wrap technique, which in short, is squidging polish on your nail under cling film! 

This is a satisfying but also scary nail endevour, as you have minimal control over what the finished design will be.

I used just black and my new Barry M mustard colour (which I'm loving), and blobbed it all over the nail. I then put over a sheet of cling film, and gently squidged it on top of the colours to blend them. I cleaned up with lots of acetone after for the finished effect. I may start filming mini tutorials in the future but I'm rubbish with technology so don't hold your breath. Until then, here is a tutorial I found online of how to do the Saran Wrap technique.

I noticed on the magazine cover, there is a slight orange tinge around the edges where the black meets the gold so I went over with a nail art brush to add more depth of colour. This turned out to be a horrible idea, because it really didn't help it at all and actually kind of made it worse!

All in all, these nails could certainly use some work, but I will not give up on my journey to the perfect tortoise shell nail!