Music Archive

Each week I will post a song that I am currently listening too a lot. I thought it would be a cool way for you guys to find out a bit more about me, and maybe find some music you'd not heard before!

21st November
'Million Reasons' Lady Gaga

I used to love Lady Gaga and went and bought every album but after 'Born This Way' I kind of fell out of love with her. I thought her music was getting a little bit too weird. Since her break, where she spent time acting in American Horror Story (which I am currently watching her in and she is amazing, not to mention super sexy) she has dropped her new album 'Joanne' and although I haven't heard it all I think I will really like. Her carpool karaoke session made me remember her amazing voice, and this performance of hers at the AMA's last Sunday was stunning. Hopefully I will get the full album as it is on my Christmas list.

14th November
'Miss You' Gabrielle Aplin

I first heard Gabrielle Aplin on the John Lewis Christmas advert, all those years ago, and ever since I have bought every single album of hers and she has become one of my favourite artists. It is only fitting that she has released her new music just before Christmas, and I love her new sound. The Jungle background is reflective of Bieber's more upbeat direction, and I haven't stopped listening to this song. I have had it on repeat, and I also love the starry/ Christmassy kaleidoscopic visual for it. Also pink hair hair looks beaut on Gabrielle!

7th November
'Doomed' Bring Me the Horizon

It was my Mum and Sister's birthday over the weekend so we celebrated by going to see Bring Me The Horizon at the o2. Although I have listened to them, I wasn't as much as an uber fan as my family, but the performance was amazing and they put on a really good show. This is my favourite song of the new album, and this performance with an orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall makes me a bit giddy.

10th October
'That's My Girl' Fifth Harmony

My sister and I went to go and see Fifth Harmony recently and they were so sassy it was unreal. The dancing, and singing was on point the whole way through.

3rd October
'Friends' Francis and The Lights Feat. Bon Iver and Kanye West

12th September
'Cool Girl' Tove Lo

I love this song and how the video is a nod to the movie 'Gone Girl' based on the book by Gillian Flynn. The 'Cool Girl' passage has become famous as a completely unrealistic way to be so I love how Tove Lo has reflected the inner bunny boiler in all of us! 

5th September
#WhereIsTheLove Black Eyed Peas

So I really wasn't keen on this remix to start but the more I listen to it I cannot stop listening to it.
The song is for a good cause and it is an admirable way to get the world looking at all the problems we have.
My only problem with this video is Jayden Smith.
Why is he here??? And the hair???

29th August
'Oops!... I did It Again' Britney Spears

James Corden has bought back all the 90 feels by having Britney on his show and I would be lygin if I said I haven't gon back and downloaded all her old stuff. Oops I did it again is a classic and I haven't listened to any other artist since! Thanks James!

22nd August
'Ole' John Newman and Calvin Harris

1st August
'Concrete' Tom Odell

I saw Tom Odell live at Britsih Summertime Festival a few years back and he was really good live. I have never actually bought an album but always liked his music. This new song is one of his best and love the diction of Ts.

12th July
'Good Grief' Bastille

I have always really loved Bastill'es weird and unusual sound and I really love this new song of theirs which is first to be released from the new album. I can't wait to hear it!

4th July
'Write On mMe' Fifth Harmony

My sister is currently obsessed with Fifth Harmony and it is rubbing off on me. We even have tickets to go and see them in October which is going to be the ultimate sass fest. My current favourite song is 'Write On Me' which is a chilled yet summery track that I love to bop to work too. I still have the new album to prerly listen too but so far I like what I hear.

27th June
'Edge Of Seventeen' Stevie Nicks

Fun Fact: I was named after Stevie Nicks, however Stevie never caught on so I'm just Stephy.
I am currently watching American Horror story season 3 which is about witches and apparently there was a period where people thought Stevie was a witch due to the song Rhiannon performed by Fleetwood Mac. She is of course not, but one character from AHS loves Stevie Nicks and it reminded me of how much I do as well. This is my favourite solo song of hers. 
This video also is also going to be the answer to when people ask why I don't brush my wavy hair.

31st May
'Into You' by Ariana Grande

I'm afraid my Ariana bug is still very much present so my next song of the week is from Ari again. I love this clubby/ upbeat song from her new album and the video is like a Coachella dream. I love her festival style in this video although her tiny waist makes me green with envy. It reminds me a lot of driving through the outback when I was in Australia so it makes me really happy in that sense too. The guy in the video is very easy on the eyes too so it's an allround winner for me.

23rd May
'Side to Side' by Ariana Grande feat. Nicki Minaj

Not a lot of people know this, but I am such a huge Ariana Grande fan you would not believe. I have all of her albums and her new 'Dangerous Woman' album that came out on Friday has been the only thing I've listened too all weekend. This song, along with 'Be Alright', 'Greedy', 'Into You' 'Let Me Love You' and loads others are so good you can see why it is the number 1 album in 67 countries!
There are so many reasons why I have chosen this song and this live version as my song of the week.
1. I love the reggae sound to it.
2. It features my other main girl Nicki Minaj
3. One of Minaj's lyrics are about riding a "dick bicycle"
4. Ariana is so amazing live and she has a little go at rapping
5. Ariana Grande is now officially a bad bish
6. Lastly, this song was made for me as it has my name in it! First song ever!
I would highly recommend watching all of her live performances at the 'Vevo Presents'. She is an amazing singer and so cute!

9th May
'Close' Nick Jonas ft. Tove Lo

Although I love pretty much any singer spawned from Disney, the Jonas brothers were never ones I took a liking too. I loved this song from the first listen, and when I shazamed it I was so shocked to hear it was one third of the Jonas boys. I loved Tove Lo when I heard 'Habits' and this more R&B sounding tune mixed with vocals from Tove Lo makes a great new direction for the Pop Prince.

25th April
'Work' Fifth Harmony

I am back from my travels and the job hunt has begun! I won't lie job hunting is the WORST so having fifth harmony repeating 'work, work, work, work, work' is helping me soldier on and keep on looking! I love this catchy little tune be it a little cheesy, but as soon as it starts I can't help but want to bop about!

4th April
'Kiss It Better' Rihanna

I'm going to be completely honest with you here, the only reason I even found this song was because I wanted to see Rihanna's raunchy video and a peek at her nipples. After some of her newer music, I had no interest in buying her new album 'Anti' even though I have always been a big Rihanna fan. Her debut song 'work' just did nothing for me, but I cannot get this song out of my head and think if she carries on releasing bangers like this then I maaaaaay be tempted to buy the album.
I have provided the fully explicit video so you can look at her in awe as I did when I watched this video. You are welcome.

28th February
'Livewire' Oh Wonder

I bought the 'Oh Wonder' album just a few weeks ago and I am obsessed! This is the song that sucked me in but I now have lots of other favourites such as 'Without You', 'Lose It', 'Dazzle' and 'Landslide'.
If you are looking for a really good chilled out album then I suggest giving these guys a listen. The mix of male and female vocal is so good and I don't think there are any other artists out there like it at the moment. Good British Music!

21st February
'Freak 'Lana Del Rey and 'Clair de Lune' by Debussy

My song of the week this week is a double whammy! "Freak' is one of the songs on Lana's new album I liked instantly, and I love this video and how beautiful she looks as always. I also love the last 5 minutes of the video as it features 'Clair de Lune' by Debussy which is my favourite classical piece of music. It's such a beautiful piano piece and makes me feel so sad when I hear it. That paired with some dreamy underwater sequences makes for a good bit of 10 minute viewing on repeat.

22nd February
Zayn 'Pillow Talk'

I know I am probably super behind with the times on my British pop but I have only just heard Zayn's first song since his split with 1D and I am obsessed! It is our road trip song of the moment and I really like his new direction (absolutely no pun intended). The fact he has his gorgeous girlfriend GiGi Hadid is just an added bonus as she is my ultimate aussie girl crush.

6th February 2016
James Bay 'Let it Go'

I just saw James Bay in Festival Hall Melbourne this week and he was so so good! His stage presence was captivating and he is an absolute wizz on the guitar! This song is a slower one on the album 'Chaos and the Calm' but i really love it. Every song is a good song to be honest, and he sounds like he does on the album when he sings live. 

1st January 2016
George Ezra 'Drawing Board'

I love to sing this in my deepest voice possible, so deep that I give myself a triple chin trying to get there. This song is so fun and bouncy and a top one on my road trip playlist, however the lyrics are actually really horrible! Jesus George chill out.

21st December 2015
Bucko and Champs 'Aussie Jingle Bells'

I honestly have no idea what this song is but it perfectly sums up my complete lack of festive feeling this year so it is y song of the week for Christmas! I hope everyone has a wonderful break with friends and family!

7th December 2015
Haim 'Honey and I'

I realise that this time of year should be filled with christmas songs, but the truth is that I don't feel christmassy at all as I am spending Christmas in Australia this year. Instead, I've been going on roadtrips to creeks and beaches, and will go down to Sydeny next week for a long trip. Therefore my song of the week is the ever so summery song 'Honey and I' by Haim, which is always on my oadtrip playlist!

23rd November 2015
Justin Bieber "Love Yourself"

I have officially got Bieber fever! I am fully aware that he has been a song of the week three whole times now but his new album 'Purpose' is the ONLY thing I am listening to currently! This song features Ed Sheeran and is so simple and I love the sassy line about 'my momma don't like you'. This version doesn't have Ed in it but this live version is amazing and he adds a few higher bits at the end that don't feature on the song and it is dreeeeeamy.

16th November 2015
Drake "Hotline Bling"

This song is so damn catchy!! And those moves! This jazzy video has made the song famous for probably all the wrong reasons but I'm glad I ventured out to hear see the video because I actually really like the song. It has been one of my top played songs this week so I had to made me my song of the week!

9th November 2015
Justin Bieber "I'll Show You"

I am well aware that this is my second Justin Bieber song that has made song of the week, but the truth is I really really love his new music, and have actually pre ordered his album 'Purpose' and I am so excited for it to come out. I would have put 'Sorry' as my song of the week as it is much more fun and boppy, but I love this slower song and think the video is STUNNING! As if I didn't have the travel bug already, I now desperatly want to visit iceland after seeing this video

3rd November 2015
Ellie Goulding "Army"

Ellie is one of those artists who I am not a huge fan of personally, and I don't know why. But I have to admit I really do love her music. I saw her at Glastonbury in 2014 and she was amazing live. I really loved her last album Halycon so I preordered her new album Delerium and I have loved every song released from it so far. This, along with' Lost and Found' are my favourites so far, and there is also a lovely live lounge version of this song which doesn't have the bad word in so that's more child/dinner party friendly!

26th October 2015
Adele "Hello"

Bloody hell I have not listened to anything else since this came out. Adele is easily one of England's National treasures, and after a short break away to have a baby she is back! I am excited to see what the rest of her new album holds. I love how pretty this video is too.

12th October 2015
Kate Nash 'Mouthwash'

This weeks song is a bit of a blast from the past. I was watching one of Zoella's videos a few days ago and this was playing in the background and I haven't been able to get it out of my head since! It reminds me of my teenage years growing up!

28th September 2015
Alt J "Taro"

This song is not new at all but it is one of my favourite songs from this band, and maybe one of my favourite songs ever. I love the indian style music in the chorus, and the lyrics are actually very dark and explain the true story of two war photographers who tragically died whilst trying to capture photographs of war. Alt J are an alternative band who some love and other don't. I have seen them live and thought they were amazing, and you can expect to see more songs of theirs on my song of the week! I don't know why I have fallen in love with song again this week, but I think it reminds me of home (weirdly) and this fan made video goes beautifully to the song.

21st September 2015
Hozier "Lay Me Down"

Hozier is one of my favourite artists at the moment, and I saw him at Glastonbury before he got really big and he was amazing live. Here he is in the live lounge covering another I love, and covering my favourite Sam Smith song. The original is so slow and very emotional, but this upbeat version of it is so good and sounds like a completely different song. I love covers that change the original song completely, and I think Hozier has made this completely his own.

14th Septermber 2015
Justin Bieber "What Do You Mean"

Justin Bieber isn't the most popular singer out there but I can't deny that I love his sound recently. This song as well as "Where are U Now" are a lot less pop-y from his "Baby" days. I like his new grown up music and think we can expect good things from him. I cannot stop listening to this song at the moment! It is constantly in my head!!

7th September 2015
The Weeknd 'Angel'

I have recently been listening to The Weeknd's new album 'Beauty Behind the Madness', and I knew I was going to love this song from the first 30 seconds I listened to it. I love the dramatic 80s guitar, and when the female vocal of Maty Noyes came in I died when I first heard it. Her unique breathy voice is a bit Diana Vickers, and after a bit of further research, she is an artist I think I'm going to love in the future. The Weeknd is an artist that can get away with different genres of music, so his album is a really good mix and worth a listen.

31st August 2015
Rae Morris 'Don't Go' (Coppa Feel Single Version)

I love Rae Morris and her album 'Unguarded' as you will see I posted one of her songs not too long ago. When I saw she would be doing one song off her album for Coppa Feel I was so happy for her, and when I heard the redone version I fell in love with it even more. I suggest you listen to both versions of the song because the remastered one has so much more emotion, perfect for the Coppa Feel video that accompanies it and really does make you think more about checking yourself. It's for a great cause so go and buy the single now!

24th August 2015
One Direction 'Drag Me Down'

I know a 24 year old woman should probably not love One Direction, but the fact is I do. I was very sad to hear when Zayn left the band but I really love this catchy new song they have so they can't be to bad without him! I personally love Harry's long hair and think this video is a good bit of fun!

17th August 2015
Banks 'Begging For Thread'

If i'm truly honest, I wasn't quite over my Lana Del Rey high hype from last week so this is a song my boyfriend has been listening to on repeat. I of course also like the song, but he is great for finding artistsjust before they get really big, so he is a bit of a musical maven! I love the same darkness this song has to Lana Del Rey, and it's 50 shades of Grey video adds to that I think.

10th August 2015
Lana Del Rey 'High By The Beach'

Unfortunately there is no video to this song just yet, but the song should be enough! At first I had the first released song 'Honeymoon' as the song of the week, but she dropped this just a few hours ago and I haven't stopped playing it since. Unlike 'Honeymoon' which is more instrumental, this has a slight hip hop feel to it which  love. I remember hearing Lana Del Rey on Jools Holland for the first time, and knowing I was going to love her. Her dark and melancholy songs really strike a chord with me, and this song is no exception, everything she does sounds like a James Bond themesong. I cannot wait to hear what she has to offer on her new album, and fully expect more from her in my song of the week. The 'Honeymoon' album is meant to be similar to her 'Born to Die' album which I preferred to 'Ultraviolence', so I'm really excited to hear it!

3rd August 2015
Marina & the Diamonds 'Blue'

I have been a huge fan of Marina and the Diamonds for a while now, and regularly do posts on her style. Her new album FROOT is just as quirky as she is, and this is by far my favorite song on the album. It has the same vibe as some of her older stuff, and I think she really lets her listeners know who she is through her music. I also love the more solemn song 'Solitaire' from the album. She sings about quite current issues in the world, and I also love the way her unique voice sings a ballad.

27th July 2015
Rae Morris 'For You'

I first heard Rae Morris when she featured in Bombay Bicycle Clubs song 'Luna'. I fell in love with her voice instantly, and she also appeared with them at their 2014 set at Glastonbury which I saw, and her voice was just as good live. I eagerly anticipated her solo album 'Unguarded', and although it took me a while to enjoy the whole album, I now haven't listened to anything else for the last week. This song in particular shows of her unique voice, but choosing one song was hard