Friday, 15 August 2014

July Birchbox

This July Birchbox was a bit of a shocker to me. All the items that I thought I would like, I didn't, and the once I didn't think I would touch, have been the first things I look for when I need my cosmetics. So lets go ahead and see what happened.

Laqa & Co Lip Lube

I have been wanting to try purple lipstick for while now so this was the perfect colour for me to recieve in my Birchbox. This Lip Lube is a lovely purple which can be built up into a darker shade for more of a 'wow'. It's really moisturising and lasts for a while before re applying. Was really happy with this product. It even featured in my 'Favourite lipsticks at the moment' post I did the other day. 

Gilchrist & Soames Bath Gel

Gilchrist and Soames are a brand I have heard of before, and have recieved a few bits from Birchbox too. This kelp extract mineral bath sounded like the height of luxury so I was excited to try it. I thought it would be the sort of bath that would make you feel really good after, like you'd had a spa break or something. Truth of the matter is, it didn't really do anything to my bath. I ran it in the warm water where it frothed a bit, but when I got in, in just vanished and the didn't do anything else. It didn't really smell or do anything to my senses so essentially I felt like I was just sitting in warm water. Bit disappointing! 

Three Wishes Body Butter

This was one item I thought I would really hate. Lavender is really not a smell I can stand since working in natural beauty products, where pretty much everything is scented with it. I was a bit dubious about putting this on my skin but I am so glad I gave it a chance! This doesn't really smell like lavender at all, more like a powdery night time baby lotion that is so sweet and lovely. Even my boyfriend commented on the smell and how nice it was. It is a really calming smell so I like to put it on before bed. The added bonus of this product is that it is all naturally sourced so has no chemicals or parabens! I am actually considering purchasing this item as it is so lightweight and leaves the skin feeling so lovely, pretty good going for a product I thought I'd hate!

Weleda Shampoo

This was one of the brands I had heard of before, and it is a all natural hair care brand. I have tried a lot of natural haircare so understand that it isn't a conventional hair wash as there is no foam and you have to work a bit harder to get that 'froth'. Adding more water to natural shampoos helps them work so much better, but with this one no matter how much I added it just didn't work. I tried using it twice in one wash as that can often help but I just didn't get anything from it which was shame.

Balance Me Eye Cream

This was the product that Birchbox were really excited about putting into their boxes. For me, eye creams are the sort of this you can't really tell if they are good or bad. Obviously if it gives you a horrendous reaction and streaming eyes persist usage, but I think they are the sort of products you will only see the benefits of over time when you start to get a bit older and things like crows feet become a concern. Obviously the later in life your crows feet come then the better the eye cream you've been using, but who sticks to just the one?! I have never been a user of eye cream until recently, and as far as this one goes, it does feel nice. Personally I prefer more of a gel consistency as I feel creams are a bit more heavy duty for my age, but it did feel nice and hydrating, but tha'ts all I have to say on it really!  It has won the Red Green beauty award, and is called a wonder cream too. As a company, Balance Me are a natural brand, made by three British sisters whose brand has had involvement with Topshop. 

Vita Coco natural Coconut Water lemonade Flavour

I always love the extra little lifestyle items Birchbox put in their boxes, they are always really thought out and sometimes contain food and drinks such as this, which I love to stuff my face on. This month was a coconut water which I have always found to be pretty vile tasting. The original one with no added flavour at all has a pretty furry after taste I just can't get used too. Coconut water is really good for you, and more hydrating that actual water. When I first drank one I thought it would taste coconut-y and sweet but it really didn't. Safe to say I was a little dubious about having a sip of this, even though I knew it was going to be slightly lemon flavoured. I say slightly lemon flavoured but it is actually very strong. It tastes a bit like undiluted lemon squash, but you can still get a hint of the sweetness of the coconut. Believe it or not this is actually a good experience as for me, I really can't bear the taste of it in its original form, and this one is quite drinkable. As it is mega healthy and  I would probably try and drink it, and this one is certainly the best flavour I have had so far. contains no fat, so is perfect as a after dinner sweetener for before you go on holiday.