Friday, 21 February 2014

Katy Perry Dark Horse Inspired Nails

Today I saw the new video for Katy Perry's new single 'Dark Horse'. I was instantly drawn too the different variations of nail art she is wearing throughout the video, and the Egyptian feel throughout the video inspired me to do some nail art of my own!

The video starts off with Katy Perry showcasing this blue nail varnish with black outlining. The blue I have used is darker, and I have done this black outline technique before. I wanted to encorporate this into my design.

I also wanted to encorporate some snakes into my nail art. I saw some done on an Instagram account  I follow 'bellesbellamy' who is a Wah Girl so hers are much better. My snakes are too fat!

I also wanted to do the famous Egyptian eye which I think is my favourite nail! 

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I also had to incorporate the Egyptian cat and Katy Perry's favourite animals! I hope you like them, sorry this post is a bit of a rush! I'm tired and need to be up early! That said, is there any other nail art you have seen on a celebrity that you have wanted to try? Let me know, I would love to hear from you!