Friday, 7 February 2014

October Glossy Box

Once again I have allowed the dreaded back log of Glossy box reviews to happen! I am finding that I have so many products to try, that I don't fully use a product and then find it hard to review the products as I haven't had much experience of using it! This October Glossy Box for me was fairly average. The theme being a sort of 'gothic' feel as way back then we were getting into Autumn.

Harmony Smoothie Serum

I haven't really used this serum much which is probably not a good sign. I find it doesn't really absorb into my skin very well unlike other serums I have tried so I kind of gave up with it after a while. A short review but my patience with it was just as short!

Katy Perry Killer Queen Fragrance

Once again, we have the awkward moment where I try and attempt to explain a smell. Thankfully the little sample came with a list of the ingredients and also explained the top, middle and base notes so my life was made easier. It is quite a sweet fragrance to start as you can see from the mixed fruit top notes, but it is quite a sensual fragrance too.

MeMeMe Cherub's Blush

This product is very similar to Benefit's benetint product. I want to love this product, but can someone tell me how on earth you use it?? I put it straight on to my cheeks for a bit of blush, and I looked like I had been slapped, as the area was too concentrated and the product is not good at blending, can anyone shed light on the proper way to do it? As for use on the lips, I found it a bit messy and the colour didn't last too long.

Monu Illuminating Primer

I really like the idea of a primer with an SPF, as it is killing two birds with one stone, especially one that will illuminate the skin and add radiance. However this product didn't really absorb into my skin. When I put my foundation over the top it went kind of ball-y and it was not good for blending. I have some other products from Monu though which I am getting on with, so its just unfortunate I do not like this product.

Vita Liberata Instant Tan

I am not a huge lover a fake tan and this product was the reason I have not reviewed this box. I don't really wear tan, so I was waiting for a day I could try it on without the worry of going out looking tangoed. I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome of this tan though. The colour was really natural and golden, and added a really nice finish to my skin, even though it was just slightly shimmered (I don't like shimmer but this is really not a noticable shimmer). I would highly recommend this product, and since using it I have gone out and bought the actual tan as I had some Boots vouchers for it, which is quite a big deal for me as I don't wear tan. I will review that product in the not too distant future, but this sachet was the saving grace of the box for me!