Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Leighton Denny Spring Collection 2014

The Summer is finally on it's way! The new Spring collections are coming out in the nail world and it makes me very excited about the summer! Leighton Denny's newest collection is quite bold and bright for the usually nude and pink tones he goes for.

Mirage Or Not

'Mirage Or Not' is the usual nudey tone that you see from Leighton Denny. This one is a warm beige colour and probably the 'safest' in the collection. I think it is a really beautiful nude!

The finish is quite matte unlike the rest of the collection which I like about it.

Bon Voyage!

This coral colour will be seen a lot in Spring 2014. You can't go wrong with a bright pink/ orange in the summer and this is bold and bright. One of my favourites from the collection.

Again, the finish on this colour is matte and cool.


I absoluetly love a green nail paint. It is quite a brave colour to wear on your nails but I think this bluey toned green is so pretty, and I love the name, 'Glamazone'

The finish on this polish is more glittery with gold shimmer running through it. I am not usually a fan of shimmery finishes but I think the gold tone adds to the name 'Glamazone'

Passport To Shine

'Passport to Shine' is such a bright yellow colour which is also another hard one to wear. I find yellow really hard to pull off on my skin tone, but I really wish I could as this colour is so cool! This colour would look good on olive or black skin, as it would really pop.

The finish on this is shimmery again, with silver running through the polish.

Pure Paradise

'Pure Paradise' is a silver shimmery colour that looks as if it would have a textured finish. This would look cool on toes with a nice pair of sandals!

The finish on this polish is glittery and shimmery. 

Reach For The Sky

'Reach For The Sky' is another one of my favourite colours from the collection. I love a blue on a manicure and think this one is a really good shade of sky blue.

The silver shimmer running through it gives the effect of clouds.

My overall impression of the collection is that it is bold, bright and beautiful. I personally would have preferred the whole collection to be matte, but the slight shimmer is what Leighton Denny polishes are known for! What do you think of it?