Thursday, 6 February 2014

YSL Baby Doll Mascara

I am coming to the end of my YSL Baby Doll mascara and so here is my review of the product.

The Yves Saint Laurent campaign features non other, than model of the moment Cara Delevingne. I will admit that I bought this mascara purely because of her, but thats the whole point of using such a well know model. Good advertising is it not?! To be honest, before I purchased I had not heard great things about this mascara. In fact people told me NOT to go for it at all, but I was determined to try it out myself.

The baby doll mascara aims to give the wide eyed and fanned out lashes, like you would expect to see on a doll. The mascara's best point is it's lengthening aspect. This mascara is not particularly curling though, which is what I would expect to see when thinking of wide eyed doll lashes.

I think the mascara, personally had quite an average effect on my eye lashes. The mascara is not particularly volumising, and I don't feel that it added anything to my lashes, that a high street brand couldn't. The picture below makes my lashes look quite spider-y, but I've used it to show the length it added to my lashes.

Unfortunately, I too would not recommend this mascara to anyone. I found it dried out quite quickly, not only the whole bottle but when it was on my lashes, which sometimes gave it a flaky appearance. The staying power of this mascara was good, and it was also easy to remove. While I didn't mind what it did to my lashes, I was not overly impressed either, and for a more high end mascara I expect to see a bit more 'wow-factor' for £24.50. The mascara also claims to have to sides of different bristles but I really could not tell. I hate leaving bad reviews for products, but my search for the perfect mascara still goes on.