Thursday, 20 February 2014

Jessica Spring Collection 2014 'Coral Symphony'

Once again I have a lovely new Spring collection to show you! These collections all come out at once so your getting two in a row!

The collection I am looking at today is the Jessica Spring 2014 Coral Symphony. This is SUCH a pretty collection and I love how all the colours look together. They shouldn't go together with clashing colours such as pink and reds, but for some reason they just, go.

Ocean Bloom

'Ocean Bloom' is a purple-y pink colour. I absolutely love this colour and would go as far to say it is my favourite in the collection. It's a really dreamy purple, and would look amazing against any skin tone. The name and colour suggest the colour of the sea when the sun is just rising and the pink/ purple tones hit the water.

Conch Shell

'Conch Shell' is another great colour. It is more bubblegum pink than a dreamier pink. I think there are quite a lot of pink colours like this out there, but I do like this one, as its very bright and bold.

Monsoon Melon

This is such a cool shade of peach/ light orange. Another one of my favourites in the collection. I think the name is spot on, as it looks like a juicy Melon shade.


'Sharktooth' is a bright white that really stands out in the collection and makes it pop. Plain white nails are a fashion that is coming back, and this polish is a flawless sharp colour, just like a shark tooth.

Starfish Glow

The name says it all really. This coral colour is a deep pink mixed with orange. It's a really pretty colour and not only looks like a starfish colour, but also to me, like a lovely cocktail.

Tropical Sunset

Finally, to finish the collection like you would a summer's day, 'Tropical Sunset'. This deep red/ orange colour is really bright, and again, reminds me of a lovely cocktail!

I can't tell you how depressing it was writing this, drifting off into a paradise island, with a cocktail in hand to then look out of my bedroom window and see the pouring rain!! Oh well, not long now!

Unfortunately I do not have any swatches of these beautiful colours but I found a blog called Fierce Makeup and Nails which has some good ones on :)

Let me know what you think of the collection.