Monday, 17 February 2014

Caudalie Cleansers

This time last year I only just started using a cleanser as I was completely clueless about the skincare world. Today, I will be telling you how I now use two cleansers in my daily skincare routine. As many of you may know, I love Caudalie and have down lots of posts about their products. Most recently I have been using their cleansers morning and night. Double cleansing is really important, especially at the end of the day after wearing makeup. After initially removing makeup, you would be surprised at how much dirt is still there on your face. Even after removing your makeup, you need to actually cleanse the skin after it has had a layer of makeup taken off if you see what I mean?

The cleansing milk pictured on the left is now in newer packaging similar to the green bottle on the right. The cleansing milk is great at removing makeup, and has a a sweet, light scent to it. It's very gentle on the skin and eyes and feels very moisturising too, like it has a slight oil feel to it. 

The foaming cleanser I was dubious about to start, as I have often found foam quite astringent. This cleanser is not drying at all, and is actually quite moisturising. Most foaming cleansers have a foaming agent in them which is what makes them so drying. With this cleanser, the actual pump is what makes it foam, so the liquid in the bottle is not actually a foam at all. This makes my face feel really really clean, and I often use it with my Konjac Sponge which give it a perfect exfoliation effect. They're a match made in heaven. 

Both cleansers together mean my makeup is removed and my skin is gently cleansed as well. I have had these cleansers for a while and they work really well for my skin. Even when my skin became slightly more oily, the cleansers in unison balanced my skin where it was dryer and also where it was more oily. At this point it is also worth mentioning the moisturising toner. I have a similar view on toners as that of the astringent foam. This toner however also changed my mind, as the name says, it is actually very moisturising.

In the summer when my skin is not as dry, I will use this toner after cleansing just as my night cream. It is a very 'juicy' toner and perfectly damps the skin before moisturising, allowing your moisturiser to go further and helping it soak into the skin. Again, this toner is perfect at balancing the skins natural oil levels and it is very comfortable to wear.

Both Cleansers and the toner are £15.00 which I think is good value for natural products. I think they work well individually but work as a power team altogether.