Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentine's Day Nails

Happy Valentine's day my lovely readers! If your reading this, then I'm happy you've taken the time to come and read my blog instead of being romanced for 5 mins! I LOVE YOU. I just thought I'd quickly show you some Valentine's day nail art I came up with for my sisters and I. I should have really posted these yesterday in case any of you wanted Valentine nails but there we go!

So firstly, here are my little sisters Valentine's nails. She is only 7, so she wanted something cute and simple, so I went for Minnie mouse inspired love hearts on a red base. They are not the neatest nails ever but she has such tiny nails and she is very wiggly.

My other sister is a bit more of a tom boy and doesn't wear nail varnish much. I went for a more Gothic style of nail art for her by using a more deep red/purple. I saw this cut out effect on 'One Nail to Rule Them All' and I thought it looked so cool. I just got a cotton bud with nail varnish remover and made the heart, then outlined with a nail art pen.

Finally, my Valentine's manicure is a classic heart design. I have seen so many people wear this style on blogs and pinterest and I wanted to give it a try myself. It was surprisingly easy to get the heart shapes symetrical, and I used Barry M 'Lychee' as a base which is a really lovely nude.

I hope you all have a LOVEly Valentines. Lots of love, Steph xxx