Saturday, 15 August 2015

Korres Body Care

A while ago I did a post on the Christmas Korres kits I got, and reviwed the rose range products. Today I am going to tell you about the body care products.

Fisrtly, we have the tinted lip balm. This is a really nice colour and has quite a good pigment considering it is only a balm. I love red on my lips so I was fortunate that this was the colour in the set.

I love the Korres packaging as every aspect has been thought about, even continuing the writing on the tube of the balm.

Next we have the hand cream. This contains Almond Oil and Shea butter, two of my favourite ingredients. This hand cream is a match hade in heaven with the Jessica Phenomenon nail Oil as that is an almond oil. It is lovely and thick but also absorbs into the hands quickly so you don't have to worry aout stickiness. It smells lovely and it one of the best hand creams I have used.

Finally we have the Guava body butter. Korres offer two body lotions, the body milk and the body butter. The body milks are slightly thinner so easier to spread, and the body butters are thicker so provide better hydration. I am ABSOLUETLY obsessed with this smell! Guava is just the tastiest smell ever. Along with Bergamot Pear, Guava is one of my favourites, although when it comes to Korres, every single smell is delightful and still remains my favourite body care range.

The set also contained one of the miniature rose face moisturiser which have been heavenly for my travels as they're mini sized and lovely, and contain SPF 6 which is good as an everyday moisturiser for the warmer weather I've been experiencing.

If you haven't tried Korres products I 100% recommend you do as they are cheaply process, all natural and just bloody lovely!!