Friday, 16 February 2018

Chinese New Year Nails

Happy Chinese New Year! Today officially marks the start of Chinese New Year.

Before I get into Chinese New Year, I just thought I'd quickly tell you about my little trip to the I scream nails salon in Melbourne whilst I was travelling Australia in 2016 which first inspired these nails.  If you have read my blog before, then you may know that I often to I scream Nail inspired designs as I find they create fun, colourful and exciting nail art, a style I like to think suits me.

I wanted to buy the nail art book that they have, so headed straight to the source to find the place completely empty, and just the owner Celia there all to myself! There is another salon in Sydney which I tired when I was there but it was closed, but I was so happy to get there so I could meet Celia. She was so unbelievably lovely and spoke to me for ages about my travels and our passion for nail art. She gave me a few stickers and nail files to keep me going until I got home to England in the summer. She even showed me the back room and introduced me to the man behind the social media. It was very exciting for me and I was seriously fan girling the whole time. My biggest regret in life will not being brave enough to ask for a selfie with her, but I am still pretty pleased with my picture in their awesome salon.

Visiting the Salon and Celia really got my creative juices flowing, and reading the book I found some inspiration. Walking around Melbourne city the other day, I swatted up on my zodiac knowledge, and found I am the year of the Sheep. Due to the large Asian community in Melbourne, they really go all out with decorations, and I realised this was the perfect opportunity to create the fun, colourful I scream Nails style of nail art I wanted to make

This large inflatable light up dragon in particular made me really want to create something for the Chinese celebration.

From here I went home, got my nail art tool bag out, and just had a play around and created this Chinese dragon.

These would probably be more appropriate for the year of the dragon, but I love the Dragon costumes that people get under and walk around in. They make the dragon look so real so I wanted to incorporate that somehow.

I started with the head, and then just had a play around with colours and continued it down the body.
Similarly to the costumes, I like how I can wiggle my fingers and make it look as though it is moving!

Are you celebrating Chinese New Year? What is your Zodiac sign? I'd love to know!

Until next time!