Tuesday, 21 March 2017

National Fragrance Day 2017

As you may or may not know, today is national fragrance today!
If you've read this blog for a while then you may have seen that I really struggle to describe fragrances, but seeing as I've been working part time selling fragrance, I've started to pick up a bit of the lingo and thought I'd put it to practice.

Working in a fragrance department means I get to try lots of different perfumes on a day to day basis and wear ones that are well and truly out of my price range! I'm going to try and feature more fragrances within my blog, so keep a look out for that. For now though, I thought I'd show you my current three fragrances I've been loving at the moment.

First up, and probably my absolute fragrance of the moment is from a super cool fashion brand. 'This Is Her!' 100ml, £70, Zadig & Voltaire Is the female version to 'This is Him!' keeping things nice and simple.
The packaging is so cool, and the 2 bottles are designed to slot together so you can be absolute #couplegoals with matching fragrances.
I find this fragrance absolutely addictive, it smells warm and sexy and it's a beautiful evening fragrance. The vanilla and chestnut make an amazing combination, and sandalwood is one of my favorite ingredients which is the base to this fragrance. The fragrance suits the hip fashionista girl the brand embodies.

Next up is Fleur Musc 100ml, £80,Narcisco Rodriguez which you've probably seen advertised and posted on my Instagram. You cannot miss the gorgeous pink bottle and if I'm honest the bottle is one of the reasons I love this fragrance.
'Fleur Musc' is a modern alternative to floral fragrances. I personally don't like floral fragrances very much, but the pink pepper and amber mixed with rose, peony and patchouli really spices this up, and the musk makes it a really sophisticated.

I went on some training for all these fragrances a few weeks ago so got to learn about the stories behind each brand, and the story for Annick Goutal really is like a romantic and tragic novel.
Annick Goutal was a pianist, model, antique collector and all round lovely woman. Inspired by love, her daughter Camile, and her general love of the world. Annick created a huge collection of fragrances however unfortunately became sick and died too young. Thankfully her daughter has carried on her mother's passion for fragrance and continued to make perfumes.

Tenue de Soiree 100ml, £117, Annick Goutal is the latest fragrance from the brand, and also the first in the newly designed bottles which differ to the very antique bottles you'd usually recognise from Annick Goutal. The addition of the little pom pom adds a new spin, making it slightly younger and more playful. Tenue de Soiree translates to "evening dress" and it is meant to replicate the smell of a young girl getting ready for a party in the early evening. The fragrance contains Iris making it powdery but not too sweet. Patchouli also comes through making it a really wearable and young which is what the fragrance tries to be.

As I said before, look out for more fragrance posts especially on the run up to summer where I'll show you some of my favourite summer scents!
Hope you enjoyed!