Thursday, 13 June 2013

O.P.I Minnie Mouse Collection

This is the second Minnie Mouse collection from O.P.I. This collection captures the more sultry, grown up Minnie. The vintage Minnie collection that came out last year was so popular they decided to bring out a new, more couture collection, inspired by the London and Paris catwalks.

Last year's vintage Minnie Collection courtesy of Google
The new five piece Couture collection is sure to appeal to all women, with different shades and textures throughout. Where as the last collection was quite girly and pink, this collection is more sophisticated has deep reds and chic pale pinks.

'Chic From Ears To Tail' is a light bubblegum pink which is fun and cute.

'A Definite Moust-Have' is a coral colour which is right on trend for summer. Its bright and beautiful.

'Magazine Cover Mouse' is the only liquid sand in the collection which is very popular the year. The textured red adds some sparkle to red.

'Innie Minnie Mightie Bow' is the deepest most sophisticated of the bunch.

'Minnie Style' is a confetti style polish that would look great over any of the above polishes. If you build this up it could also look really effective on its own.

O.P.I and planning some Disney inspired collections such as the edgy side of Tinkerbell! What Disney characters would you like to see in a nail collection?