Thursday, 10 October 2013

Jessica A/W Collection - A Night at the Opera

Jessica's new Autumn/Winter nail collection, 'A Night at the Opera' represents the glamour and sparkle that the more wintery months can hold. The collection is to be worn at the night time events where we dress up to impress. This collection is perfect for the Christmas party season, as each colour is wearable with a touch of sparkle. As I have said before, pearl and iridescent finishes are not my preference as I prefer a matte finish, but this collection has opened up my inner sparkle for the Christmas period that is fast approaching.

From Left to Right: Velvet and Pearls, Primma Donna, Overture
From Left to Right: Opening Night, Blue Aria, Standing Ovation

Velvet & Pearls

'Velvet and Pearls' is a very dark deep jet black. A very versatile colour than can be worn plain or have some glitter and sparkle added for the more festive months. Jessica describes this as 'Tuxedo Black' which adds the glamour the line is trying to evoke.

Prima Donna

'Primma Donna' is such a gorgeous colour as it is a cross between electric blue and sparkly violet.This is my favourite one from the collection as the way it catches the light is amazing, and the hues of blue, purple, and sometimes pink are my favourite colours.


When in the bottle, 'Overture' really didn't wow me, but out of the bottle it really changed my mind. 'Overture' is a lovely copper colour, but it has slight pink and orange hues that make it look expensive and not brassy.

Opening Night

'Opening Night' is another colour that looks better out of the bottle. Its soft fushia and bluey tones make it another favourite of mine from the collection. It is very pretty but also very chic.

Blue Aria

'Blue Aria' does not contain a pearly shimmer finish, but is a very deep navy blue that is very glamorous. This colour is a very under stated way to dress up a evening dress.

Standing Ovation

 Finally, 'Standing Ovation' which is a greeny emerald colour that will be a hit in all the press as it is an emerald colour that is going to be huge this season. The colour looks completely different out of the bottle, as in the bottle it has that 'oil spill' rainbow effect, but out of the bottle, its shimmery green is unmistakable.