Thursday, 31 October 2013

Throwback Thursday: Halloween

I absolutely love to dress in fancy dress, particularly for Halloween. Unfortunately this year I had to work late and have not had the opportunity to go to any Halloween events! As Thursdays are usually an excuse to dig up a 'throwback' picture from the past, I thought I would show you some of my dress ups I have done before.

In all my pictures is my best friend and fellow dress up accomplice, Nicola. This first picture is a throwback from 2010. This was my second year at uni and Halloween was a guaranteed night out with a good dress up compulsory.
Nicola and I went as bats this year and do to this, we went to a fabric shop and picked up some black stretchy material and spent hours sewing it to black dresses. Mine was from American Apparel and had a low swooping back. The wings are still attached to the dress as I don't have the heart to remove them.

For my hair, I furiously back combed it and then clipped it to the back of my head (I was growing out a pixie crop at the time so couldn't do anything to dramatic) The eye makeup was smokey and the red noses were done with lipstick. The fangs were drawn with black eyeliner and filled in with face paint. The ears were bought from Claire's accessories.

 My next throwback is from the following year, 2011 my third and final year of University, where myself and Nicola decided to go out dressed as spiders. This was a simple outfit of a black top and leggings with just some tights stuffed with newspaper pinned to the waist band. The spiders web was just bought from a dress up or decoration shop.

The makeup this year was more natural, but we used liquid eyeliner to draw various spider webs on any flesh showing. Our eye makeup was smokey again, and I used a purple lipstick from Rimmel in the Kate Moss range in colour number 4.

I did these nails last year by just applying a black colour with matte over the top, and then heavily dripping red paint over the tips. It forever to dry but I think it looked really effective.

This year unfortunately I am without my best friend Nicola and without any events to go to this Halloween! As I had to go to work I couldn't do anything too dramatic, but I thought a smokey eye for the day would be acceptable. 

For this look, I used the Benefit Smokin' eyes kit. I have had this kit for years and years (hence the dirtiness) and probably used it for the other two looks as well. It is such a great kit to give you the perfect smokey eye and I swear by it! I also used my Maybelline gel liner for the flicks.

 The kit contains a pink highlighter, a smokey grey base colour, a dark black shadow for the drama, and the brushes needed to create the look. It also has a brown paste to colour eye brows, and also a pink paste for highlighting the inner eyes. The tweezers are also perfect! I love them so much, (should probably love them a bit more though as my eyebrows are pretty out of control in this post!) and they are perfect travel size.

Sorry this hasn't been a usual post, but thought I'd try something a bit different. 

Happy Halloween everyone!