Saturday, 22 October 2016

Halloween Nails 2014

Hi guys! Here are some Halloween nail ideas I did from 2014!


These nails are inspired by 'Wah Nails' eyeballs from their first book. I just used different less natural colours for each eye. The blood shot red veins are rather creepy!

Mummy Nails

I did these Mummy Nails by painting a white base and then getting my 'Rose Dust' colour from Mavala and wiping most of the colour off the brush. I then brushed the nail lightly to get the old mouldy looked. I then drew on the eyes and features with a nail art pen.

Skeleton Nails

 I was sent these nails on Pinterest years ago and I thought they were so cool and I've been meaning to do them for ages. These are my favourite of my Halloween creations. These were simply done with a nail art pen.

Cat Nails

These are slightly less gory and more innocent nails that you could have on a child. You could wear them anytime really. I used a my purple Ciate 'talent scout' as base which I got in my Glossy box and am loving, and then I just painted on black semi circles at the tip of the nail, with two triangular ears poking out. I outlined the cat to make it stand out and did white shapes for the eyes, and then filled in with green afterwards.

Here is my little cat Mitten enjoying the fellow felines.

What are your favourites? Let me know below!