Saturday, 29 October 2016

The Wet Brush

If like me, your hair is thick, knotty, and always a bit of a nightmare, then you will know the struggle of needing a brush that doesn't hurt, but can do it's job.
Tangle Teezers have been on the market for ages now, and although I have used one for a long time, I never felt like they lived up to the hype that I had heard about.

Enter the Wet Brush!

This hair brush may look like any other hair brush, however it is so much more! The brush can be used on wet hair (obvious from the name I know) whereas other standard brushes can't. The bristles are designed to move flexibly with the hair, without causing pain and breakage, however they are firm enough to massage the scalp which I never felt with the flimsier Tangle Teezer bristles.

It is an American company and the likes of the Jenners have been said to be a huge fan of the brush, as well as stylists all over the USA. What I personally like the most about the brush, is the fact that it has a handle. The main problem for me with the Tangle Teezer was the funny palm shape. Although some may like it, I found if I had a particularly large knot, the brush would fly across the room because I had no grip. I also felt the bristles weren't quite long enough for my shaggy mane. If you liked the fact the Tangle Teezer had no handle for hand bag size etc, the wet brush also do minis, which can be used for travel.

This brush really does go through my hair so much easier, with little pain and I feel like it goes through every layer of my hair, not just the surface.

The other cool thing about the Wet Brush is the huge array of patterns, designs and styles they have.
My one is a Candy Skull and I absolutely love it! They release knew ones all the time for every date in the calender, and they retail at around £12.00. Although this is a couple of pounds more expensive than the Tangle Teezer, I think spending that little extra will make a huge difference.

I would highly recommend if you want to steer away from the Tangle Teezer and have an amazing hair brush.