Monday, 14 September 2015

Koala Nails

I told you it wouldn't be long till I offended again, and with the embedded feeling that Mondays are for hashtagging manicures I simply couldn't spend my day off doing nothing, and so, these little Koala nails were born!

I was inspired to do these because of a small day trip I went on recently to a place called Lone Pine, which is a Koala sanctuary just outside of Brisbane. The place is full of kangeroos jumping around you, and there are other animals around too so it is like a small zoo.

However, Lone Pine holds the promise of being able to cuddle up and have your picture taken with a Koala which was an opportunity not to be missed!

For these nails, I used a neon yellow base which is particularly horrible on its own. It is by a brand simply called paint and is really cheap in the drug stores, only about $3 if that!
Next I used my grey L'Oreal polish for the little faces, and used my new nail art pens for detailing and the background palms.

My particular favourite nail is my thumb, I think his face came out the cutest!

Apologies for the crap quality of pictures, I will have to think of a way around this!
See you soon!