Sunday, 27 September 2015


I have no idea what to call these nails so I decided to take a leaf out of Rihanna's book and call them MDMBBFM, or Modern Day Monochrome Bad Bish French Manicure if you will.
 I do actually think they are the kind of nails Rihanna would wear, as they are a kind of rebellion on a manicure classic.

I have been really into the geometric, and monochrome style for nails at the moment, so expect to see some similar designs in the future. I am also loving the use of negative space, and think it looks really chic on a manicure, and it means your saving on buying a natural nail polish!

This was such a simple manicure but it has a really cool effect. I just painted the tips of my nails white, outlined the negative space in black and applied a top coat. As simple as that. I think this would look really cool on talon almond shaoe nails like Rihanna wears, to make the manicure look really sleek

Unfortunately my chubby little hands do the look no favours, but with long slender fingers and an abundance of midi rings and chunky jewelry, maybe even some henna, I think this would look amazing.