Sunday, 20 March 2016

Mermaid Nails

Todays nail art is actually some I am really happy with as I took a fairly long time doing them and I feel I worked hard for them! I also did BOTH hands (I usually have two different designs on my hands) which is a pretty big thing for me!

It all stems from the Sally Hansen polish, 'Making Waves' that I was gifted a few months back. Usually I am not a fan of metallic colours as I feel they can look a bit tacky sometimes, but when I tried the polish on for the first time the other day all I could think about was mermaids.

The aquatic blue shimmer it gives is actually really pretty, so I decided to do some underwater themed nails.

I did my left hand first as I am right handed, and slowly did the scales on every other finger. I then outlined in white the starfish and the shell, then outlined them in black to make them more prominent.
The shell in particular was really hard as I wanted it to be really neat.

My right hand was a whole new struggle, as using nail pens with my left hand gives me immense hand cramp after a while, so I need occasional bursts of stretching and moaning to my boyfriend.

The jellyfish was fairly simple however trying to get a perfectly round circle for the pearl was hard work! I added some white detailing to the pearl as I thought black would make it look like a cartoon bubble.

After that, I used a whitey/pink irredesant colour from H&M, over the top of the whole design, to give it another shimmery effect, which looks much better in real life I have to say!
It makes a really pretty colour on top of the blue, and adds that extra mermaid feel to it.

These here are the products I used! Hope you enjoyed