Tuesday, 26 April 2016

The Power Of Makeup Tag

Hello everyone! As you may have seen via social media, I am back from my travels and am ready to get stuck back into blogging. From now on you can expect to see tidy hair, a full face of makeup and a lot more regular nail art!

'The Power Of Makeup' is a tag I have seen lots of big bloggers posting recently. This tag is NOT to highlight how much girls need makeup or to shame girls when they don't have makeup on, but just to show what makeup can do, and how it can enhance your natural features.

I thought this would be an appropriate tag for me to explore as whilst on my travels I can only count a handful of times I wore makeup, so I am really used to my bare faced look. As I'm not someone who wears a lot of heavy makeup, this probably won't be as dramatic as it could be, but I think it is fair to say you can definitely see a difference!

As I'm doing this to just enhance my features, I have kept the makeup look fairly simple and natural, as going overboard would slightly defeat the point! I applied my makeup as something that I would wear on a day to day basis.

I'll leave to links to any products I have reviewed before in case you want to read more!

So to start, I used my YSL Fusion Ink foundation to just even out my patchy skin tone. As I'm just about clinging on to the last bit of tan I got from being away, I'm a couple of shades darker than I usually am so am using a little sample pot as my usual is too light now.

I then used my Rimmel wake me up concealer which has a very light shimmer, so is great to cover and brighten to cover up dark circles and any blemishes. I have quite a few hormonal spots on my chin at the moment that can get quite dry, so I made sure I used my Origins Ginzing moisturiser before applying my makeup, as its really hydrating, but the Ginzing really wakes up my skin due to the coffee extract, so adds a little radiance to the skin.

I then used my beauty blender to blend that all out. I don't wear a huge amount of foundation so it hasn't changed my bare face too much, just made my complexion more even.

Next, I used my bare minerals 'warmth' as a bronzer to go around my forehead. As I tend to tan more there, I needed to blend that into my foundation to get the natural glow. I also used it to slightly contour under my cheek bones.

To finish off, I used my Topshop cream blush in 'Head over heels' which is a lovely peachy colour. As I'm fair skinned, I find bronzer doesn't warm me up enough, and need some cooler tones in the mix, so a bit of blush on the apples of the cheeks really brightens me up.

Next is the eyes which I think is fair to say, makes a big difference on my face.
As I am naturally blond, my eyelashes and eyebrows are practically non existent without makeup, so I tend to spend a bit more time on them.

From all these pictures I think we can safely say my eyes are REALLY wonky. I've noticed it before but this post has just confirmed it!

However, I used nude colours for my eyeshadow using my Barry M cheap alternative of the Naked 3 palette. I started by using a slightly shimmered nude, and then a dark brown for the crease. I really like a cut crease makeup look so use that quite regularly whether its dramatic or not.

I then use a cat flick liquid liner which makes such a huge difference for me. It doubles the size of me eyes and makes my lashes appear thicker at the root, so I am guilty of being a little heavy handed with liner!
I also use Benefit to define, fill in and darken my brows, which is something I really want to improve on as I am not the best!

Finally I used my Estee Lauder sumptuous infinite mascara which I forgot how much I LOVED. I haven't done a review on it yet which shocks me because it is lovely. It really does give a good balance of length and volume which is hard to find in one mascara. Having been away for so long, I am coming back and using all these products I forgot I had so it's like they are brand new again which is exciting!

To finish everything of, I used a lick of Kylie Jenner inspired lipstick by Mac in 'Brave' and brushed and lightly curled one side of my hair.

And here is the finished effect!

Is there any part of your makeup routine you know are vital for your features benefit from? Are you happy to be bare faced? I'd love to know what you think so please leave comments below!

Thanks for reading!