Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Origins Set

For once in my life, I can finally say my skin is normal. It isn't too dry, it is pretty well balanced, and it feels comfortable. Now I am not targeting a particular problem, I feel I can concentrate on the general look of my skin, rather than catering for a particular problem. My skin is very pale and dull. Without makeup, I often get referred to as a zombie, and regularly get asked if I'm feeling ok. 

Back in December on my beauty Christmas wish list, the Origins GinZing range was something I wanted to try out, as it claims to add radiance to the skin, and energises it for the day.  I read a review of the GinZing moisturiser on a blog long ago, and it has always stuck in my mind and been one I've wanted to try ever since I read it. I nipped to Boots on one of their Christmas discount events, and snapped up this set which contains a mixture of products from Origins, including the GinZing moisturiser I wanted to try.

The set contained The GinZing moisturiser with the matching eye cream, an overnight mask and a night cream. The Gin Zing range is made with coffee beans which is what gives your skin the ZING it needs for the day.

The moisturiser has been everything I wanted and more. It's really lightweight, almost jelly consistency absorbs really quickly, and the smell of oranges makes it the perfect wake up call every day. Although it doesn't focus on hydration, my skin has maintained its healthy balance with this, and I do feel like my skin appears less dull (personally anyway). I love using this every day, and use it over my Caudalie radiance perfecting serum to add more radiance. The moisturiser retails at £23.00 on its own.

The eye cream is something that I hadn't particularly wanted to try, but I have found it marries my moisturiser so well that I now can't stop using it. The eye cream comes in a very light pink cream, and I swear it has tiny speckles of glitter or something! It really brightens the eye area and I have seen a huge reduction in my dark circles from tiredness. It doesn't actually put glitter on your skin, maybe it's just so good at adding radiance it just looks as if there is glitter in it?! Again this retails at £23.00 on its own.

The drink up intensive mask is one I haven't used as much as the others due to its intensity. I would have preferred to try the GinZing mask to come in the set, as it is a cool gel that awakens the skin, but I really love this though, and use it when my skin feels dry. It is an overnight mask and is a clear film that goes over the skin, using Japanese seaweed to lock replenish moisture lost throughout the day. It doesn't feel greasy at all, and it allows your skin to absorb just as much of the product it needs. This also retails at £23.00.

Finally, The night cream that came in the set isn't from the GinZing range and it isn't something I use as often. This is personal choice as I like my skin sort itself out at night rather than put on lots of creams. Never the less, I do use this if my skin looks particularly dull or feel a bit parched, and its rich formula perks it up very quickly. It contains all the vitamins your skin requires to wake up refreshed, and it gently sloughes away at dead skin revealing fresh skin in the morning. By itself this retails at £34.50.

I really love these Origins products, and it is a natural brand formulated without synthetics and parabens which is another thing I really value in my skin care! I really want to try more from Origins, particularly the Mushroom range as I've read great things, and also the GinZing mascara that uplifts your lashes!

Have you tried any Origins products? Would you recommend them?