Thursday, 12 February 2015

Valentine Heart Manicure

It's getting to the sexy time of year where we celebrate Valentine's day! And it wouldn't be Valentine's day if there wasn't themed nail art to go along with it!

This year I've gone for some more textured nails, as I had a few heart themed things to try. The first being the Alexa Chung Hearts polish I got in my Nails Inc kit at Christmas, and the second being the red Ciate velvet I've had for ages and been meaning to try. As you may know I also have the green velvet from the emerald collection, and have done a few furry designs with that, but the red velvet called out to be used at Valentine's season.

The red that came with the Ciate velvet was the very aptly named, 'Bodouir', and I just free handed the heart and patted on the velvet, for a fluffy heart. As for the Alexa Chung heart polish, application wasn't as easy as I'd have hoped. I wanted one quick sweep to give me flawless heart coverage, but unfortunately you have to work quite hard to get them out. I find swirling the brush around until you get a few hearts on the end, and the strategically placing them on the nail is the technique you need to adopt.

Nevertheless, it looks pretty cool and its a cute textured alternative mani from the usual hearts we see this time of year!

Love Steph x