Friday, 13 February 2015

December Birchbox

Apologies for the long delay in Birchbox posts, but I am finally getting round to review my December Birchbox! This Sophia Webster box was so pretty and made my eyes gleam when I saw the (granted very fake and printed) gems on top. There really is something about shiny things that grab a girls attention.

Inside were lots of lovely goodies that came in handy over the Christmas period, plus a cute little leopard print zipped case that can hold a little lipstick in your handbag.

So here is what was inside...

Electric Hair London Shampoo

This shampoo by 'Electric Hair London' smelt really lovely, like coconut. It lathered nicely in my hair and felt like it was really moisturising, which is good as it's a hydrating shampoo! It has meadow foam and sugar beet extracts which aim to add shine to dried out hair, and add a weightless finish. I liked this shampoo and felt it gave a healthy boost to my hair.

Models Own Velvet Glitter

'Models Own' are a brand I can always rely on the love the products, and this is no exception because I am so so impressed with this nail varnish! These 'velvet' polishes are glittery but come in coloured polish rather than a clear coat most glitters come in, so one coat will leave a glittered matte finish that is ready to go. You get the same (if not better) finish to a glitter effect but with one coat. A brilliant time saving product that looks great! Also perfect for the imminent Valentines say!

Ilcsi Rose Petal Gel Mask

I have never heard of this brand before, and by the looks of the packaging, I think it may be a Hungarian company, or at least get its ingredients from Hungary. In the pot, this mask smells mainly of almonds strangely, but with a hint of rose. It smelt really delicious and leaves bits of rose petal on your face when its on. It recommends leaving it on for 15 mins, in which time the mask goes semi hard. After washing it off, my skin felt soft and smooth, but still a little tight. It was a bit of a chore making sure all the rose petals were off so I probably wouldn't buy this product, although I love trying international products. 

Benefit High Beam

This is one if those products that you never thought you needed until you've used it. I actually saw a friend wearing this before I tried it, and it highlighted her cheekbones perfectly and added a really
pretty glow to her skin. Once I saw this, I rushed to try it and haven't stopped using it in my makeup routine since. You just draw on the areas you want highlighted and tap in to the skin to blend.

Eyeko Eye Stick

I was slightly skeptical about this product. I loved the Eyeko eye liner pen but something about putting a big black crayon on my eye lid instantly makes me thinks panda eyes. Sure enough I tried it though, and was impressed at how easy it was to blend and create a smokey eye effect. It also claims you can use it above the eye which I did, and again was shocked at how un-crayola like it looked. It's better for a smudgey eyeliner on the lid, think Kate Moss' makeup-from-the-night-before-but-still-look-effotlessly-cool look. I wouldn't even attempt a cat flick with the chubiness of the stick though, and for me, it doesn't go quite near the lash line as I'd have liked. However you can get quite a neat look, be it smokier than usual. Personally I wouldn't buy the product just because I love liquid eyeliners to much for precision, and when it comes to a smokey eye, I prefer to blend with a brush rather than fingers, as I feel like I'm rubbing and stretching the eye lid skin which is quite delicate, and I don't want it to sag anytime soon. If you prefer a quick way to achieve the smokier look though, or want a handbag sized quick fix from day to night look, this is a good thing to have.

Trilogy Rosehip Oil

This oil is a really lovely treatment to pop on overnight if you feel your skin needs some TLC. Trilogy is a brand I've wanted to try for a while now, and this organic rose hip oil has a dry oil finish so it doesn't leave your face feeling greasy like some other facial oils. It's not great to massage with, but to pop on your face without the worry of a greasy pillow, it's great. The other thing I like about this which may seem a bit weird, is the fact that it has no smell to it. Some rose products can be really overpowering and have that dusty rose smell to it but this is a scentless. Rose is a great ingredient to help hydrate and to also calm and soothe.

Have you tried any of these products before?