Thursday, 26 February 2015

Kiehl's Creme de Corps

I have had the Kiehl's Soy milk and Honey body cream for about a year now. I was love at first scent for me, and I bought it purely because the smell was so comforting to me. After actually using the product, I realised it is actually a really lovely body cream.

Apparently all the Victoria's secrets models use this air whipped butter on the runway, as it is light and easily absorbed but gives the skin an instant smooth, soft feel and a supple look. When applied onto the skin, it has that rich and buttery feel to it, that makes you feel like your getting really good moisturisation, but the air whipped formula means that in seconds the product is absorbed and your left with touchably soft skin. I love to use this in the Winter or if I'm feeling ill, as I said earlier, the secent just makes me feel really comforted and like I'm being looked after. I also use it before bed if I feel a little dry.

As I have mentioned, I absolutely love the smell, the milky honey-ness is one of my favourite smells ever, but some people aren't keen. My sister thinking it smells like mouldy milk, but I strongly disagree!

My large tub was £45.00 which is a bit pricey, but Kiehl's are renowned for being very generous with their samples so if you go to a counter or store near you then you can go and try a sample!