Monday, 2 March 2015

Fruity Nails

I have been a huge Marina and the Diamonds fan for a few years now, and I have been eagerly anticipating the mega babes new album 'FROOT'. The album cover and pac man style fruit got me thinking of some fruity inspired nails!

 As I did those banana nails a few days ago, I decided to embellish on those a bit more and do some cartoony fruit patterns to match the fun album feel.

I used pastel colours for the base and then brighter colours for the fruits to make them stand out.
Some didn't turn out as well as I wanted, especially the oranges and kiwis, so I thought I'd do a whole mani on just kiwis as I'm enjoying my brighter colours at the moment! I used my Jessica polish called 'radioactice' and then used nail art pens for the detail.

 They are really easy to achieve and look really effective!