Thursday, 19 March 2015

Liz Earle After Sun

After our first day on Ipenema beach, with lots of walking around exploring, the inevitable burn hit us, and it his us hard. Although Rio was slightly overcast, we didn't notice the severe heat that was pounding down on us, and so we looked a little lobster like for a few days.

I brought this Liz Earle after sun with me which was given to me as a leaving gift. Without sounding ungrateful, the gel doesn't seem to soothe the bad sun burn unlike cheaper after suns I've used before. Although the organic aloe Vera, cucumber, and vitamin E are great at soothing skin, the natural brands policy of having no ingredients to block pores almost goes against it.

I found the gel felt great for skin that had been in the sun that just needed more hydration, but for the bad sun burns we got, the product only sat on the skin for a few minutes as it seemed to evaporate off  after a while. It almost NEEDS that sealant ingredient to keep the moisture locked in. As a result, we were left with burns that didn't really healed for 4 days, and actually went and bought a cheap Vaseline moisturiser infused with chamomile, which seems to be calming the burns after just one day of usage.

At its higher end rice point, I wouldn't buy the Liz Earle after sun. However the toning spritzer which was also a gift, is very handy to spray on when feeling hot. The soothing ingredients in this also provided great relief for when the burn bits were hot and itchy.

As this is a bit more of a multi purpose product, as its initial job is a toner, I would buy this again, as its great to have by my bed side during the hot Brazilian nights, and also in my hand luggage when doing treks or long days out to just spritz on for refreshment.

Like I said, I don't want to seem ungrateful for my gifts as they were very thoughtful and generous, but I think it proves that sometimes, price doesn't always reflect on the effectiveness of a product