Thursday, 12 March 2015

number4hair: Lumiere d'hiver

I recieved this travel size leave in conditioner in a Birchbox of mine a while ago, so I have done a review on this before, however this number4hair leave in conditioner deserves a post of its own. If I'm honest, the reason I brought this with me to travel with was because of fate. Whilst giving my room a sort before I left, I came across this again and read the back of it to remind me of what it was. As soon as I saw that it repairs hair that has had "too many weekends in Rio" my jaw dropped and I threw it straight into my toiletry bag.

Having not used any conditioner whilst I've been here, and only my Aveda sun care shampoo, this leave in conditioner has given my hair the moisture it needs, and making it easy to brush after a day of sun abuse on my hair. It is an entirely natural brand, that draws on the benefits of water, and it gives UV protection to the hair as well for future sun abuse.

It may jog your memory of my post before if I tell you it smells like Sailor Jerry.

From looking at the website, this brand seems very modern and professional. This product retails at $32.00