Monday, 23 March 2015

Clarins Hydra Quench Cream Mask

Clarins is a brand that, if I'm honest, I have always steered clear of. As one of the biggest brands in the industry, I realise that this is sacrilege, but I found working with natural skincare, I often found that customers searched for a natural alternative when they'd had a reaction to the more scientific brands out there. And almost always, it was Clarins they'd reacted too. Therefore, I have always associated Clarins with itchy and burny skin reactions, that match the red bottles and uniforms of the Clarins team, which is a little extravagent I know!

I was given this little hydra quench mask in my leaving box, and thought I'd bring it along with me on my travels as the words 'hydra' and 'quench', marry well when combined with sun. I have to say that this mask has been my saving grace when I've got burnt on my face. The usual forehead and nose burn where the sun hits most, has been banished overnight after just 10 minutes of use. It has worked on severe sun burn and helped maintain the slow tan emerging on my face, so thankfully only minimal peeling, and even that's been in my hairline where the mask won't reach.

The texture reminds me of the Nuxe hydrating mask I have used before and absolutely loved, so I would say they are on par if you fancy a natural alternative.

It has definitly changed my mind when it comes to Clarins as a brand though, so I may not be so skeptical to try more in the future.

PS Just a little note to say that I apologise for the quality of pictures and potentially weird layout of my blog. Im doing it all on my phone so bear with me whilst I'm away! Thank you! Xxx